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WMP 12 Black Border (Bars)

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    WMP 12 Black Border (Bars)

    Hi in WMP 12 when watching a video I get a small black bonder (bars) of about4 mm around all sides.
    It happens in fullscreen on both 16:9 and 4:3 videos.

    I have the video resolution on Windows set to 1080p @60hz and In Windows Media Center it's set to 1080p @50hz.
    It does the same for 60 50 30 or 25hz videos. I play a lot of 50/25 hz videos as in Australia.

    In other players (iTunes for example) they play with no border (bars).
    I would use other players only but want to use Windows Media Center and that uses Windows Media Player features to play videos so I get the same border(bars).

    Hopefully someone here can help.

    Thanks Kevin

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    Windows 8

    An update: I am going to use Media Center (which is just an interface for Media Player anyway) as I found a way to get videos to fill the screen properly.
    I found if I play certain videos twice or 2 different ones (only works on some combinations) then the will go to there correct size.

    Like I have a 1080p video of Led Zeppelin which has to be played a second time to go to the right size but my 4:3 videos of The Flintstones will not resize I play them first without using other videos to fix it first.

    But I have to do it each time Media Center is closed and reopened.

    I hope someone might have a clue what's going on.
    I have even repair installed Windows and reset Media center back to defaults.
    I have a I7 3770 8gb of ram a 128 ssd and 500gb hdd and a 7700 Series Radeon graphics

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WMP 12 Black Border (Bars)
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