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W8 could be better by REMOVING the desktop APP

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    Well then! I'm surprised Jimbo!

    But oh yeah, the Desktop can and will be replaced with a newer modern UI of sorts. My idea kind of harkens back to Windows 1 and how open windows were able to be tiled around the screen. The problem with that was too low resolutions and too small screens to really do anything with that. Then came larger and higher resolution screens and overlapping windows... If you use the Desktop on Windows with a high resolution screen, there is a LOT of screen estate to be used. To me, that kind of seems like a waste of screen estate if it's just there to show the Desktop wallpaper peaking out. A modern metro reimagining of that would be to use higher resolution screens, as well as being larger, and that tiling method. You can open an app from Start, it goes to the "Desktop" environment. You touch the screen to drag around the chromeless window (this is Windows, not Chrome) to snap it left. Go to Start again, open Weather , goes to the Desktop environment, and you can make that window size a quarter of the screen. It doesn't show a lot of content, maybe a five day forecast and a detail current forecast. Making that window bigger would show more content. Go to Start, open People, goes to Desktop environment, size that window down to basically be a live tile to see any new updates (we waste time in the future). Go to Start again, open the News app, goes to Desktop, size it down to a live tile and you have full screen of items here. Granted, this is ONE possible scenario and could easily be improved, but it's a Start.

    Also I have to say, if you think the Windows 7 scenario will be around in 2020, that is just straight up odd. That isn't going to happen.

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    @ Coke Robot The extended support end date for Windows 7 is 14/01/2020.
    Microsoft Product Lifecycle Search
    That is assuming its not extended like XP's was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alphanumeric View Post
    @ Coke Robot The extended support end date for Windows 7 is 14/01/2020.
    Microsoft Product Lifecycle Search
    That is assuming its not extended like XP's was.
    I know, I'm saying if there is the notion that 7 will be used literally up until 2020, that's just deranged. If you look at xp's end of like support year, which is next year, and the current OS version which will be Windows 8 or Windows 8 Blue, just look at the divide there. In an enterprise scenario, that can't happen, which is why some will just go and use 7 and the whole scenario of an xp-8 divide could crop up again.

    Interesting though, how xp's end of life ends up being around Windows 8. A Windows version that started tablet PC computing ends up to another OS that expands tablet PC computing.
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    Well in my opinion, the "Modern" UI is a mess on a desktop. I do like it on a smartphone or a tablet though. so much so that I may be buying a Windows phone soon. I think MS left the desktop in so they would sell the OS to laptop/desktop users. I would have never (not even for the $14.99 it cost me) upgraded to 8 if the desktop was excluded. I was very happy on 7 and could have stayed with it for quite some time. Having said that, I do like 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    1) From the std Metro start screen run traditional applications in default WINDOWED mode -- this allows concurrent windows etc -- most users of traditional desktop applications -- especially when they have large or multiple monitors rarelr run in Full screen only.
    I think I see what you're getting at. This one would be the main thing for me.
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    Sure, if the Metro system didn't work like it did, we wouldn't necessarily need a classic desktop.
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    There may be a time they actually end up removing the desktop. I don't think we're anywhere near that point. Its simply way too useful a way of managing access to the various parts of the system. You're taking a tool borne of a quarter century of continuous development vs like the past 6 months of giving the start screen a whirl.

    Start screen would have to get *a lot* better and people become far more familiar with it, to simply ditch the desktop.

    And, if anything, the desktop might gobble up the start screen and RT apps on workstations if ModernMix has anything to say about it :>. I'd really like to see Microsoft incorporate something similar and provide a way to break back to fullscreen based on the keyboard being removed. So you have the option of windowing RT if using as if a PC, and when you break back and use your computer just as a tablet.. it acts just like it does now.
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    As a couple of other posters have alluded, it's really an all or nothing deal relative to desktop support. Either they should support it, for real, or they not. If all MS did, in addition to leaving off the start menu on the desktop, was to leave off the Metro app that gets you to the desktop, then you'd have a mutiny over that omission as well I would expect. It would, in fact, be worse since the ability to "hit enter at the Metro screen to go to the desktop" has been an acceptable operating procedure for some users. If they made Windows 8 exclusively Metro, they'd have lost all the users who have apps they want or need that don't specifically run under Metro, which is quite a large number currently. That gets us back to what someone else had posited some time ago: they probably would have reduced the objections if they had just put the desktop start menu in there in the first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alphanumeric View Post
    I'd be fine with that as long as they bake some multi monitor support into Metro. Windows RT comes close but even it has a Desktop. .
    rt has a desktop but not the same as 8pro will have on a Surface tablet

    this is a copy past from a google search
    Windows RT vs Windows 8: interface

    Both Windows RT and Windows 8 run the new Metro interface, but Windows 8 can also drop down to the traditional Desktop for older apps. Windows RT can't in the same way: while it does have the old Windows Desktop for some of Microsoft's own apps, the desktop won't be available to third-party software.
    from here .
    Windows 8 vs Windows RT: what's the difference? | News | TechRadar
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    Jimbo, there might one or two slight flaws in your idea.
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W8 could be better by REMOVING the desktop APP
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