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W8 could be better by REMOVING the desktop APP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray8 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by pcRat View Post
    I was going to ask what size your tent is? Then I noticed you forgot to take your tent. But I realize, you didn't forget it, you just cannot carry a tent when your arms are full of technology on your camping trip escape!

    If I was taking all that technology on a camping trip, I'd pitch my tent in the backyard and set a tv up. Tune the tv to Animal Planet.
    When it's a family camping trip, we take our camper trailer that has all the mod cons to keep SWMBO happy (but no TV). When I go out with the boys, I'm fully self-sufficient with everything contained inside my 4WD. I use technology when it's suitable, not because I need to have everything under the sun.

    I use a 12V car fridge, because it's far more effective and efficient at keeping food and drink cold than an esky. I use a chainsaw because it's far more effective and efficient than a bow saw or axe. I use a petrol cooker for cooking, as it's far more efficient and effective than a wood fire. I use a UHF radio, as it's far more effective and efficient than stopping and getting out of the vehicle for communicating. I use a Windows tablet for navigation, as it's far more effective and efficient for off-road navigation than a paper map. I use a 4WD because I can't be stuffed trying to walk across the mountains.

    Technology does have it's advantages, but each to their own.
    For the most part I was being sarcastic. But really, to me it sounds like you're taking your office equipment for overtime in the woods.

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    I gathered that, but I wanted to explain that there is value in having technology available, even for simple things like camping. With the bushfires we have been experiencing recently and protracted heatwaves, having the occasional ability to connect to the internet and check for warnings etc is a handy thing.

    It also highlights some of the difference between the various technologies. Many Android and iPods have 3G/4G connectivity built-in, but devices like the Surface Pro do not. My Gigabyte has that capability, but the reception is woeful, so I default to my mobile phone which has excellent 3G/4G connectivity (I simply tether the Gigabyte).

    Many tablets don't have GPS built-in either, which can be a very handy option for the traveller. My Gigabyte has that capability, but I can't get an antenna that will give me the right signal, so I use a Bluetooth GPS. I can also connect an external GPS that's permanently attached to the 4WD, but the latest Bluetooth is better.

    My Gigabyte Windows tablet has many advantages over the Apple/Android products, but it's not necessarily better than the latter devices, nor would the Surface Pro be any better. It's horses for courses. But as a Windows tablet user, I know what I can get from the device and would not go to Apple/Android while Windows is practical to use. Windows 8 is not practical nor pleasant to use for me, so Windows 7 is the default program for the moment.

    In many respects, whether it's Windows 7 or 8, it's what the tablets can provide in degrees of versatility that I consider important. In this respect, both Windows 8 and the Surface Pro (as well as a number of other tablet manufacturers), have reduced the options, rather than expanded on those options.
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    I know what you're saying. I just felt compelled to pull your chain a little bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcRat View Post
    I know what you're saying. I just felt compelled to pull your chain a little bit.
    Be careful, if I've made one of my famous curries and enjoyed several beers afterwards, don't stand too close when you yank that chain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Thanks, guys. Does anyone here write code?
    <!--Yus me, but not very well...just learning -->
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    Oh? You must have a special talent. It makes my head spin just reading about it. Good luck to you!
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    No. Just. No.
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    hey come on, live and let live, we are all individuals
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W8 could be better by REMOVING the desktop APP
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