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Will SSD Improve Overall PC Performance?

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    Will SSD Improve Overall PC Performance?

    One question, will SSD improve overall PC performance? For example, like antivirus scanning or installs faster than usual? Thanks.

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    Faster boots, faster shut downs, faster game launches, faster AV scans, faster everything. Today at work, I cleaned up a bunch of email and then compacted my PST. Usually it takes 30+ minutes of my hard drive crunching away. On my SSD, done in less than 2 minutes.
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    Will the faster boot on SSD effect the time to tap the BIOS option key? thanks for the quick reply.
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    No, the amount of time to get through the POST and such and into the BIOS will not be impacted.
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    best upgrade you could do.
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    thanks. great answers as usual !
    @dirtyvu - sure, will do!
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    Will also cut down the time form clicking on a PDF file to reading it.
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    Absolutely agree with all the positive comments. I've just replaced the boot drive in my 3.5 year old i7 920 based system with an SSD and it is like having a new PC again. Extremely impressed with it.
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    Hi there.

    Absolutely no question -- it will improve the performance of even very old PC's (provided the PC's have a SATA connector).

    In fact Older PC's might benefit BETTER than ultra fast modern PC's - but for 99.9% of typical end user applications improving the I/O performance will yield better results than ANYTHING ELSE -- always assuming that there is enough RAM in your machine -- these days that's not a problem.

    You often get people on the Forums thinking about swapping an i3 for an i5 or an i7 CPU. This won't provide anything like the expected gain if you are still using spinners for the OS. Even for extreme gamers upgrading the CPU might not yield the expected performance -- especially if a lot of the graphics functions are off loaded to a separate GPU.

    As the price of SSD's is rapidly dropping there really is NO reason NOT to install one. I can't think of a single person who has installed an SSD who has regretted it.

    Reliability and longevity problems are a thing of the past -- modern SSD's are MORE reliable than spinners now -- in some instances the MTBF can be as long as the expected life time of the sun (around a few billion years).

    256GB SSD's cost less than the 128 GB one's on sale a year ago and if you just want to have the OS on it and 80 GB is enough for you then these can be had for peanuts -- if you've got a desktop these don't even need to be mounted in a slot -- an SSD has NO MOVING PARTS, and hence no vibration -- just connect it to the SATA connectors on the Mobo and just find a space for it -- you don't need to mount it anywhere so you probably don't even have to remove any existing drive to add an SSD -- just change the Disk boot order in the BIOS.

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Will SSD Improve Overall PC Performance?
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