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Documenting my new build - Advices ?

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    Documenting my new build - Advices ?

    Hi all,

    After 6 years having a socket 775 rig as my main computer I think it's time to invest in a new system. It's still a good machine, but in a near future it wont handle all that I'm gonna need.

    Here goes my first thoughts. Any advice is welcome !

    Average prices from "Mercado Livre Brasil"

    CPU: Core i7 3930K ~ US$ 690,00 - 790,00
    MB: Asus Rampage IV Formula ~ US$ 490,00 - 590,00
    RAM: 4x8GB (32GB) DDR3 1866 Vengeance
    ~ US$ 300,00 - 350,00

    I'm not sure about the VGA. Both GTX690 and HD7990 are very expensive, so I thought in a setup with 2x HD7950 crossfired.

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    Wow, that is a system!

    Is this going to be a gaming rig/graphics intensive system? Because if so, you're pretty much set for the next decade.
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    Hi Coke Robot !

    Yes, it's gonna be a rig for heavy work and gaming. The idea is to build something that will serve me for some years. It's gonna be a quite expensive build, so I'm not going to buy all the parts at once. This month I'm gonna buy MoBo and RAM, what will cost arround R$ 1600,00 (US$ 800,00). It is what I can disponibilize monthly without being killed by my My build will be probably finished in early June in this rhythm.


    I changed my mind and decided to get the CPU first !

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    Core i7 3930k ordered !

    Processador I7-3930k Sandy Bridge 3.20ghz 12mb Cache Lga2011 - R$ 1.799,00 no MercadoLivre

    Now I'm thinking about the RAM...

    What do you think is better, considering that the price is very similar?

    4x8GB Corsair Vengeance 1866 MHz CL9 (PC 14900)
    4x8GB G.Skill Sniper 2133 MHz CL10 (PC 17100)

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    I've built many systems lately (Documenting my new PC (re)build... From Q6600 to i7-3770k) and just built my own PC to replace my 6 year old Q6600-based PC. I have found the i7-3770k ($229 USD) to be a particularly good CPU and the ASUS P8Z77-V Lk ($130 USD) or the Intel DZ77GAL-70K ($200 USD) to be excellent motherboards to run the CPU at it's maximum stable speed (I run mine at 4.5GHz). I like the all-in-one liquid cooling systems by Corsair, Antec, etc... as they are effective, easy to install and provide more room inside the case than the monstrous air coolers, for about the same price. I use a 120GB SSD to boot Windows and I load my applications on a 2 or 3TB WD Red or Caviar Black USB3 hard drive. The nVidia GTX-660 SC (superclocked) video card at $200 USD, is an excellent video card. I like Corsair 300R or 650D cases with Corsair 750 or 850watt modular power supplies.
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    I have had great results with the Corsair Vengeance and Crucial Ballistix Sport 12800 DDR3 RAM. I like to install 16GB or 32GB of RAM, depending upon the use of the PC.
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    For a serious gamer, I would recommend 2 x GTX680 or 2 x GTX690 to get the maximum framerate and resolution. I would not consider the nVidia Titan as it's too new and too much $ at almost $1200 USD. Running two GPU's will require excellent cooling and a very stable power supply. Get a nice, big case that allows cable mgmt and plenty of large, quiet fans and then use liquid cooling for the CPU (and GPU, if possible)...
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    I strongly recommend "against" building machines for the intent of "being top of the line for a long time" Reason being, in a few years a new chip will come out, it will require a new mobo, might even require different ram and even though you spent a pretty penny today, it won't make it any more upgradable in the future.

    As far as your RAM goes, what type of heavy lifting are you really going to be doing with this machine? Because 8GB of RAM is almost always enough for most people, and 16GB of RAM is almost universally overkill and unnecessary. But 32GB of RAM is most often purchased in hopes of "future-proofing" and is often times just wasted cash. I would instead purchase 2 x 8GB sticks today, and keep 2 slots free for the future and decide later if you need it. In 3 years time, when you have a need for that much RAM, you might find that socket 2011 is gone and DDR4 is out and maybe having 32GB of RAM today just doesn't make sense.
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    I agree with your statements about RAM. I use virtual machines for testing, so I want to give each VM plenty of RAM and have multiple VM's running, so max'ing out the RAM ($175) in my new PC made sense for me. Most will not need more than 8GB of RAM and your analysis makes perfect sense. Either buy just what you need for now and upgrade/replace soon or "buy big" now and plan on keeping the system for a long time. My last system lasted over 6 years for me and my wife is still using it. Of course, the hard drives were replaced long ago.
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    I strongly recommend building machines for the intent of "being top of the line for a long time"

    my ever so humble opinion is that this is almost impossible to do ,giving how quick things change
    even buying parts over a 3 or 4 month period you could end up having bought something that you wish you hadn't
    just an opinion based on watching computers change the past 15 years
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