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    Pure Torture (a/k/a Windows 8)

    Hover feature

    Hi everyone. I've been struggling with Windows 8 since I received my new laptop at Christmas. Never before has a new OS made me feel like a complete moron for such an extended period of time.

    At the top of my lengthy list of frustrations with this OS, is the hovering. I don't need my computer to do things for me, I'm perfectly happy with 'clicking' the mouse. I was willing to try to live with this until the hover feature took over and sent an email without ME actually CLICKING send. I'm furious.

    Is there a way to turn off the hover feature?? I've tried googling it, and all I can find is how to turn it off in Windows 7. Any help is appreciated!!!

    Also, is there a way to turn off the voluntary cursor jumping. It takes me forever to type anything (and I type 100+ wpm), because I always have to be cautious of where my cursor is resting, so it doesn't move me and have me typing
    in random places in a document or email (and then, actually SEND the email on it's own). (just trying to type this post, it's jumped on me at least 6 times.)

    Beyond frustrated. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Hello and welcome to our quaint forums!

    First off, what brand of PC is your laptop? Also, have you checked if you have a Synaptics or other touchpad driver in the notification tray on the Taskbar? That should have some options available for you to change. If not, go to Start and type in mouse, hit Settings, then hit the Mouse entry to see if options can be changed from that panel.

    Now, I'm guessing you PROBABLY need some learning of the ways of the Windows 8. No problem!

    This is what I'd recommend to go over with Windows 8 and especially with your touchpad as that is rather fundamental to the use of Windows.

    First, learn the touchpad gestures. There are at least seven different gestures depending on the PC. My bet is that you have all so this won't be a problem. Swipe from the right side of the pad inward, opens the Charms. From the left, switches apps that are open. Swipe from the bottom of the pad opens the app command bar. Pinch to zoom to go to zoom in or out. On some PCs when you're on the Desktop, a three finger gesture downwards will minimize all your open windows. Three up will show the window/app selector ribbon. Three left or right is the same as clicking the back or forth button in any program. You can probably also do a rotate gesture with Photo Viewer as well. Two fingers up or down will scroll. Although I'm not sure on your particular laptop, please report back if the gestures do work on that.

    Second, learn how to pin things to Start. The Start Screen is VERY easy to get configured when you figure out what to do. This is simple. Open File Explorer and go through and find things like Documents, Pictures, Videos, and Music Libraries and right click on them. Then, you will see, Pin to Start. Do that for all sorts of things other than libraries, like folders, program shortcuts, Recycle Bin, Computer, ect. Hit Start, go to the end, and click and drag the tiles around to how you'd like. To remove tiles, right click them, then hit Unpin from Start at the bottom.

    Third, uninstall the apps you don't want. This is dreadfully simple that most that decry Windows 8 don't seem to know. Right click on the app tiles, on the bottom of the screen you'll see an option to Uninstall. Hit that, and hit Uninstall again and that's it. But I'd suggest to keep the Weather, News, Finance, and maybe the Calendar or Mails apps as they're nice to have.

    Fourth, choose program defaults. If you want IE 10 to ALWAYS open on the Desktop, you can do that by opening up IE on the Desktop, hit the Tools cog on the top right of the window, Internet Options, Programs, and set IE to always open on the Desktop. Do this for other programs like Photo Viewer over Photos, Windows Media Player (or VLC or whatever music player you'd like) over Music.

    Then install Decor8. It will make the Start Screen look very cool!

    Numero six, ideally, you'd want to uninstall all the crap and bloatware that comes on OEM PCs, they generally install stupid things like power "utilities" and other dumbware that takes Control Panel items into their own applets that waste resources. Makes things a tad faster and improves boot time.

    Seven, open the Task Manager, hit the Startup tab, and disable all the items that don't deal with needed programs like said idiotic power utilities. Leave things like the touchpad software enabled.

    Windows 8, open some apps, and use the touch gestures I said of earlier to navigate around. Just a simple type to search will start searching. No need to hunt down a search bar. The Settings charm is what is used to change app settings, sound, power, and screen brightness. This is used very often. Share will be used if you're in an app and want to email someone a link to a website, but this is ONLY within apps, not on the Desktop. Things work differently. To close an app, move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen, see the little hand icon, click, and just drag down. BAM! That simple. To change some settings like Start Screen colors, account picture, picture password, and some other things, open the Charms, hit Settings, and you'll see PC Settings at the bottom. PC Settings is a condensed down Control Panel of very commonly changed settings within Windows. Also, on the Desktop, opening the Settings charm will display a few things from the Control Panel, like Personalization and PC Info.

    8 simple things for the Windows 8.

    And some screenshots to show how to arrange the Start Screen nicely...

    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version

    Windows 8 was designed for touch, you have a touchpad that makes interacting with Windows 8 better than a standard three button mouse (if you can get your issues resolved with the hovering feature, that should be an option to turn off). Simply, learn to take advantage of the Start Screen, make things your own, and use the touch gestures of your new and shiny laptop and you'll quickly start liking things and won't feel so lost anymore. Also, ask us whatever questions you have. That's the main thing here, ask and you will theoretically know.
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    Windows 8.1

    Holy wall of text batman!

    Your touchpad has tap-to-click enabled. Apparently manufacturers think that people can't figure out how to use the click buttons.

    Now, while being very careful not to do anything that would be interpreted as a tap (or don't be careful, not like anything will break):

    In the Desktop you should be able to see the taskbar (big strip bottom of screen, former home of the start menu)

    On the right side there should be a few icons. most of them are irrelevent, but you're looking for one that says "synaptics" "touchpad" or "elanteck" (i think) when you hover over it. it might be a squarish icon that blinks when you're using the trackpad

    Either click on it or right click on it, and it should allow you to pull up trackpad options. In there somewhere you can disable tap-to-click.

    In there should also be a feature that causes the cursor to go where the OS thinks you want to go, but i don't know where it is. I haven't seen it enabled by default before.

    If you can't find it, let us know (but be descriptive of what you do find), and we'll try to get more specific instructions.
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    Hello sme, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    In addition to FutureDreamz's post, you could use the tutorial to help with that. You would uncheck the Tapping option as well.

    Touchpad Edge Swipes - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,
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    Pure Torture (a/k/a Windows 8)

    Thanks everyone for your responses!! I'm going to take the time to re-read them all more thoroughly and figure this out this weekend. It's an Asus laptop...pretty basic. It's this touchpad that has me all screwed up, and the swiping. Thanks again for the info! Have a great weekend
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    64-bit Windows 10

    You're most welcome sme. Please let us know how it went.
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    Windows 8

    FuturDreamz, thank you so much for the tap-to-click instructions. I've been working with Windows 8 (from Windows XP to Windows 8) for 5 days and the tap-to-click was frustrating. Thank you so much.

    Coke Robot, I'm trying to do all that stuff you said, in spite of my busy life. But there are some things that need to be tweaked just to get through the first item you recommended. I accidentally sent the wrong email out before it was ready. Big mistake. BIG.

    I'm grateful, FuturDreamz. And so glad my Google search brought me to eightforums. I didn't even know what to call and where to start looking. Imagine that, it's not called a pointy thing. (Just kidding) I'm determined to stay with Windows...that's where I started about 35 years ago. Gotta give up that Android phone and go to Windows.

    Happy end of summer to you all.
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    How to deactivate hover….I have a lenovo idea pad with windows8, and believe I have discovered a solution to the irritating hover problem…I've seen this solution before, but there seems to be a catch….On my Lenovo with win8 I had to ENABLE the Hover feature in order to DISABLE IT. under the Ease of Access panel-make keyboard/touchpad more responsive by Checking the box to Enable it... Bass-ackwards I know, yet another windows8 fail... Why they put a touchscreen operating system on non-touchscreen hardware is beyond me…Anyways I use Classic Shell to make Win8 look and work like Win7. Hope this helps someone else.
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Hover feature
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