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Windows 7 / Windows 8 Dual-Boot Problems...

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 Dual-Boot Problems...

    I'm hoping someone can help me out with a few issues I'm having with my Windows 8 install.

    Here's what happened...
    I originally created a profile on Windows 8 called "Ry" when I first installed Windows 8.
    When I activated Windows 8 however, I had created a new user profile "Ryan" and activated under that User...all my system settings, all my start menu apps, files, etc...were/still are located under that User.

    I then installed Windows 7 successfully...only issue I'm having is Windows 7 keeps telling me "my Recycle Bin on my W:\ is corrupted" ...this is where I installed Windows 8. This error pops up every time I go to Windows 7 recycle bin...I can't access or see the files in it as it prompts me to erase/fix the Recycle Bin on W:\ ....what does the Windows 8 Recycle Bin have anything to do with Windows 7?

    I thought it was I rebooted into Windows 8 to see if I had any problems accessing the Recycle Bin there...

    Instead of loading my "Ryan" profile began loading my initial "Ry" profile automatically (there's no other user options) and then said "Preparing Desktop" for awhile before throwing me into a supposed "Temp" profile that's not even activated, with none of my apps/settings being loaded. Under "Users" folder I now have "Ry" "Ryan" and "TEMP"...all my files, settings, apps, folders etc are still under "Ryan"...and I'm assuming my activation too but for whatever reason Windows 8 is marking my "Ry" as "Local Account Administrator" and nothing is loading right.

    I noticed too that my Recycle Bin folder is now titled "$Recycle.Bin" under my W:/ drive...with two marked "S-1-5-18" that has a "desktop" configuration file inside of it and then one marked "S-1-5-21" that has the files that should be in my recycle bin, but aren''s just really odd...Is this suppose to be the name for the Recycle Bin folder?

    How do I get my "Ryan" User back at Local Administrator so my activation, settings, apps and everything load up the right way? And how do I fix this corrupted Recycle Bin on drive W:/ issue that's popping up in Windows 7. I'm thinking it may be because of the weird folder names listed above with the $, but I'm unsure.

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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    Hello thestixter, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    You have a few separate issues going on at the same time here.

    For the corrupted Recycle Bin issue in Windows 7, see if the tutorial below may help.

    While in the TEMP account in Windows 8, are you able to sign out and sign in to your "Ryan" administrator account? If so, then you could use the tutorial below to either fix or delete the "Ry" account.

    Hope this helps for now,
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    Windows 8

    I ended up being able to fix the Recycle Bin problem, but I'm still having issues with Windows the point that I can't even sign-in to a user now after following those steps in Windows now gives me "profile can't be loaded" as soon as it boots up...

    In Windows 7...I can see the Windows 8 Drive and the "Users" On it...It still reads "Ry", "Ryan" (which is the profile I'm trying to get Windows 8 to load up at boot), and TEMP.

    At one point "Ryan" under "Windows 8:\Users\ was the "Local Account Administrator" AND it was an activated version of Windows idea what happened....How can I move the boot files or edit them to point to my "Ryan" User folder again? Is there a way to do this?

    I have access to Cmd and Windows 7...
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    You might see if you may be able to refresh Windows 8 at boot.

    If not, then you may need to reinstall Windows 8.
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Windows 7 / Windows 8 Dual-Boot Problems...
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