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Understanding the Start and Pinning

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    Understanding the Start and Pinning

    Ok I went a ways in on the pages and need some guidance....

    can anyone point me to the tutorial or explanation of all the options on the start icons?

    I see peoples screens and wondering how they are doing the different items like MSNBC and all that stuff..

    I posted mine earlier and it is plane jane... just looking to see how people are getting links and the live stuff on it..


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    Here is a pretty good video called, The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video - Who moved my Windows 8 Cheese? - YouTube . Covers your question and a lot more.

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    Thank you .. thank you.. thank you..

    however im confused..
    following this.. at around 20 minutes.. i see you can use chrome as the default browser.. ok did that.. then it says will run as the start menu side not in the desktop side.. well it isnt going..

    im going through the options now to setup my stuff how i like it..
    i did learn some.. not much but hey some is better than nothing..

    i have been using computers since 1992 so i know lil... heck.. in the win 3.1 we had a customer call to ask who JR was as we signed for the stuff we did.. their techs couldnt figure out what I did... was simple a keyboard shortcut guy... back then i figured out how to organize the progman windows... originally from MS.. you hit tab and it bounced around.. i got it for tab and it went window to window...

    stupid yes.. i agree.. geeky maybe... but still... was easy..... so gonna play some more with win8... oh and I so dont see win8 as a business OS......
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    Hell TeleFragger,

    This may help with Chrome Windows 8 UI (Metro) mode.

    Chrome Browser - Toggle Between Desktop and Windows 8 Mode
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    ^^^ ughhh thanks.. so easy... need to poke around more..
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    You're most welcome.

    Please feel free to ask any questions you like.
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    TeleFragger - Here are some interesting pages in this forum to help you customize 8

    Windows 8 Tutorials

    Windows 8 Tutorials - Shortcuts

    Windows 8 Tutorials - Context Menus

    Complete list of Tutorials Windows 8 - Tutorial Index
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeleFragger View Post
    ^^^ ughhh thanks.. so easy... need to poke around more..
    That pretty much nails it, Windows 8 is almost too easy, it just takes a bit of poking and working a little bit different. Once you get the hang of it its easier than Windows 7 to get around.
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Understanding the Start and Pinning
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