hey so I installed windows 8 and I noticed a few things that bother the hell out of me!

I will provide links with pictures to show you guys,
When I set a background the image loses its colours and looks weird.
the picture on the right will show the original image and the left will show how it is when I set a background. this has never happened to me in 7 or vista or xp I even went to a computer store with new windows 8 computers and they seem to have the same issue......
here is the link Imageshack - 29349778.png make it bigger to see it my screen is a full hd screen

my second problem is windows media player, it is pixilated in video playback, it is normal in hd videos but others are just too pixilated same video in windows 7 is normal and smooth on the edges, it happens to all my movies
here is the link to the picture
Imageshack - 26325982.png

my windows is original and I updated everything

thanks and please someone help me