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I'm in over my head. Please help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJJ View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by smurfercom View Post
    If your like me and don't use social networks then no worries. Just import your contacts to outlook and then go to the website and sync your outlook settings. .
    Outlook has no method of importing my contacts. It doesn't even have an address book like it once did.

    It should be a very simple and intuitive task. It's not and it's things like this that make me hate Windows 8.

    I'm getting very annoyed with these things that are unnecessary complexity. I WILL be going back to a previous version of Windows.

    Thanks anyway.

    You can add contacts in outlook. Go to and click on the down arrow in the upper left corner next to where is says outlook, there you can click on the people hub click on manage. From there you can add all of your e mail account contacts. Heck you can even export/import to file if need be.

    Here is a screenie to help make it easier.

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version

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    I'm one of those young despicable young punks. I wish.

    FYI I'm 80 years old born in 1932. I won't be around much longer according to actuarial tables.

    I'm from a different breed, old time values, determination, work, effort, pride in accomplishment.

    Not the lazy, indolent, givver's up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caperjack View Post
    hi, are you referring to office outlook or , is like another ,not at all like outlook or outlook express
    He is referring to, of course outlook has what he needs he's just frustrated with the metro apps. I can't say I blame him, but to get anything productive done you can't do it in metro. Other than social networking and emailing. I pretty much don't even bother with metro all together. For me it's still easier to browse through the start menu with StartisBack and booting to desktop without ever seen a metro interface. It just gives me better navigation and easier to see what progs are listed as opposed to the metro clutter. I have the feel of 7 and the power of 8 and I am not frustrated at all with this set up, unless I go to metro deliberately.
    For DJJ:
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    yeah ,i got it now , i have export my office outlook first contacts ,then import to
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I'm in over my head. Please help.
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