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Serious Problem with Windows 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by honeyman View Post
    It's already the latest update ...... I think of going back to seven
    Do you have previous versions of java installed? Try uninstalling it if you don't need it.

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    I too would rid myself of Java (not go back to 7)--unless you really need it. Check out this Java thread: Critical Java zero-day bug is being “massively exploited". As I recall, it indicates how to uninstall Java with best results. I don't think Win8 is your problem.
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    Labeeman is correct

    It got nothing to do with Windows 8 or Java etc... causing the PC to shutdown. Your heatsink & Fan on the CPU does not provide enough cooling. When the CPU temperature reached the limit, it will automatically shutdown to protect the CPU. Take out your CPU heatsink and fan and clean the surface of the CPU and apply some thermal paste to the CPU then re-seat it, in some case if your heatsink getting loose, it also cause the PC to shutdown. Make sure it makes good contact and you might even have to replace the Fan.

    And while you are at it, clean all the dust inside the case. I use a Leaf Blower and blow the hell out of it.

    EDIT: Sorry, just notice that you have a Laptop, in this case, open up the Laptop and clean it up real good. A while back, a friend of mine had the same problem and he disassembled the Laptop and cleaned it. I bet you that it's been collecting dust inside so it did not have enough air flow to cool it. This should fix your problem

    Here is a video on youtube:
    How to Clean a Laptop Fan - YouTube
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    Quote Originally Posted by honeyman View Post
    at this moment the java app is taking about 17 from 22 % and the fan sounds like a car motor
    Your CPU usage doesn't appear to be excessive.
    Maybe the fan is not really spinning that fast at all. Maybe the fan is starting to die.
    What is your CPU temp when the fan is loud? If you don't have something to check the temp in Windows, use Core Temp.
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    With that CPU usage, it's almost certain to be a heat issue. Recently had the same issue with mine.
    Core Temp is good, I use it myself.

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    I think this is about all we really know at this time: "At this moment the cpu usage 18-20% ram usage about 50% and the fan is starting to be loud"--and, that eventually the machine shuts down. I keep thinking about the possibility of a malicious Java script.
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    If your fan is getting loud, you may want to check that . . . the fan needs to work properly to cool your CPU. Also, cleaning out dust bunnies, etc. may help.
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    In this particular case, you just have to monitor Java through Task Manager.

    See when it uses CPU and how much.

    Constantly usage of CPU is not normal especially if you don't have any special webpage running or if the browser is closed (see what usage you get in this cases).

    You might uninstall Java or update it but if possible don't use it in the browser if you want to be safer: disable it from the browser plugins/extensions/ad-dons. Then see again the CPU usage.

    It's up to the OP to decide: the problem itself is easy to fix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by honeyman View Post
    I've A laptop dell latitude d531 win installed win 8 and a serious problem occurs. When I open multiple programs the processor fan is speeding up and the temperature rises and suddenly power off.. when I power on my lap again it works normally ....... NOW WHAT ???
    this is an overheating problem. you need to check your instruction manual on how to open up the cooling system so that you can remove the clogged dust. if your instruction manual doesn't have it, do some googling.

    Click image for larger version
    here's an example from an HP TX2000 laptop. Your system will have a similar problem (overheating) though the design of the Dell is different (but it's all the same principles: the heatsink pulls the heat off of the CPU and fan blows onto heatsink to cool it and to push air out of the system). Also, if you've never worked with a heatsink and fan (HSF), google instructions on how to install one. When you remove the HSF, you'll have to replace the thermal tape/paste with brand new thermal paste. You can't reuse old thermal paste as it becomes less effective over time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by honeyman View Post
    It's already the latest update ...... I think of going back to seven
    I think he's gone back to seven!
    The thing is he told us about what was happening to his computer and what he was going to do about it without even trying to solve the issue.
    Annoying really!
    Mark it solved...
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Serious Problem with Windows 8
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