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    Okay so, my father just recently bought a HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1435d PC that came preinstalled with windows 8. I am still using my old Acer aspire 4741g laptop which was preinstalled with windows 7. The problem now is that my father don't really like windows 8, he prefers windows 7. And i want to upgrade to windows 8. So what I want to ask if it is possible to like switch operating systems with him or something like that??? Which i means like i get his windows 8 and he gets my windows 7?

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    Absolutely not. These are Oem licenses which are tired to the machine they came with. They cannot be transferred to any other computer.
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    You can get rid of the Windows 8 interface by downloading a free program like Classic Shell (there are others), which will bring back most of the Windows 7 style, bar the aero style (though some are working on bringing that back as well). You can get Classic Shell from here: Welcome to Classic Shell. It's actually very good for what it does and it will let you by-pass the Mobile Phone Interface (MPI) on startup. It may not be an ideal solution, but for those that simply don't like the MPI, it's a God send.
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    Only way is if you trade PCs.
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Operating systems
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