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feature submitting and voting ????

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    feature submitting and voting ????

    Is MS in any way concerned about users or is it going its own selfish way ?
    1. google switcher 2.0 must have(pick,select and close, see side by side, filter...) ... airo derivation is usless
    2. pause copy process, copy basket for more files from different locations, skip if failed to copy a file, add to cue if you are copying a lot of files !! the multy copy (more files at the same time ) is ........
    3. tag !!! explorer ... enable to tag all folders and files (info will be saved inside of the folder)
    its totaly usefull to organize your work
    (some programs try to solve this ... tags in picture viewer programs NOT FROM MS)
    4. wirtual desktops / program groops that seems to already be on the list

    !!!! 5. INTERFACES
    have you looked all over the net how many icons, styles and derivations are there ? and MS comes with ONE stupid version and som color themes

    no!!!! at least 6 diferent interfaces
    - disabled people big icons color intensive
    - normal color intensive
    - normal
    - minimalistic
    - b&w
    .... or more not to change a border color that is ......
    also at least 3 or 4 incons sets !!!!

    or if MS doesnt want to do this than I vote for an open imput so you dont have to patch !!!!! your files and than risk sth ....

    comunities such as this should be here to discus such topics not to give a clena news telling nothing interesting ...
    I wanna suggest new features and give my vote to those that are good

    I want to help develope w8 for free so why MS gives a schit on people like me ?

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    Windows Live Taskforce - Most popular submissions of all time

    look at this site !!!! that is what I was thinking about
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    I guess they don't want to know...

    Microsoft: Windows 8 will not be your idea

    A Guy
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    It is the cycle time for an un-popular version to come out.

    Hoping they have learned from their years of mistakes, probably not.
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feature submitting and voting ????
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