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Network printers do not show up in Network

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    Network printers do not show up in Network

    When I click on Network the next window shows all of the computers but does not show the network printers.
    At the top of the Network window there is a "Grayed Out" option to "View Printers".

    How do you make that active?
    or is there something else I should do?

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    What computers/OS's are on your network? Have you set up or joined a HomeGroup? Do your other computers have network discovery turned on, and are they set for file and printer sharing? All accessed through Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change advanced sharing settings.
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    Thanks for your reply.
    Currently have win 7 and win 8 computers on line
    All of the computers are in a workgroup
    All of the computers have Network Discovery ON
    All of the computers file and printer sharing is on.
    Both the USB and wireless printers have Shared On

    This problem started the same day (about 3 days ago) that Microsoft had major security upgrades.

    All of the network computers show in "Network". It's just the printers that do not show up.
    I do not have any problem printing to either of the two printers from any computer. There are 5 computers on my network.
    Even 1 Ubuntu Home server.

    What about the Grayed Out "View Printers" under Network. How do you make that active?

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    I am not sure why it is greyed. To try "something," you could create a HomeGroup--and why not try setting it up from one of the computers to which a network printer is attached.

    I assume that file sharing is working among all the computers, right?
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    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, file sharing works with all of the computers.

    All of this started when Windows Update, about 3days ago, downloaded a new driver for my Canon MP560 wireless printer. Since then I have re-installed everything for the printer including the driver from Canon Web Site, etc.

    I can print with all computers but none of the printers show in "Network".

    Thanks for your efforts. I will just have to start all over again and see what happens, ha.
    If I find the solution, I will post it.

    Thanks again.
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    You are very welcome. How about undoing the update? Control Panel > Windows Update > View update history

    If you do so, I'm not sure if your original Canon driver will be restored though? Undoing probably wouldn't make things worse though.
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    Hello znod!
    Once again I want to thank you for your time and effort. I appreciate it very much.

    I have done a clean sweep (Uninstalled and reinstalled the printer drivers and all related support software) in all of my network computers. However, I still haven't found the reason why the network printers no longer show up.

    Even though the network printers no longer show up I'm going to mark this thread as "Solved".
    Everything does work OK. I have interactive use between all computers on the network (printing and file sharing). This includes 2 win XP, 3 win 7, 1 win 8 and 1 Ubuntu Home Server.

    Thanks again. Anthony
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    Is the networked Canon printer installed on the computer you're using, or is it installed on another?

    I have two Brother Inkjet printers; one MFC J825DW which is installed on one desktop and the MFC J5910 installed on this desktop.

    I don't know how Windows 8 works, but on Windows 7, when I want to print to the "825", that desktop has to be turned on which kind of defeats the networking aspect, but that's how it is.

    My point is that if your drivers aren't installed on the desktop you're using, but on another, you will most likely get the symptoms you're describing.

    And now that I've typed all this, I'm pretty sure from your descriptions that the drivers are on the desktop you're trying to print from. And the last thing is, does Canon supply Windows 8 drivers for that printer?

    I switched to all Brother (both laser and inkjet) some time back because no matter what, they just work even with an OS change.
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    The canon is wireless. Yes, they have a win 8 driver.

    NOTE: The problems I have regarding the fact that the network printers no longer show up in the network has always worked great, UNTILL, windows downloaded their new updates. This was when Microsoft made that massive update download about 5-6 days ago.
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    This is a conmon error on windows 8.1 . Network printers are forgotten. What i do is removrd the grey printers then add it again. So te sious as network admin / sysad to do this to all conputers. No solid answer yet from microsoft regarding this problem
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Network printers do not show up in Network
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