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128-bit ONLY?

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    Provo, Utah
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    Because if you have more bits, it is better, no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dinesh View Post
    Why would you need a 128 bit OS?
    Why wouldn't you?

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    Nashville, TN
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    i doubt seriosuly there will be either a 32 bit or 128 bit version of windows 8. MS will kill off 32 bit support and 8 is a great time to do it since reports indicate it's going to be entirely new, while it may support 128 bit in the code i wouldn't expect to see a 128 bit version available until windows 9. there just isn't really a need for 128 bit yet for the average consumer
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    Two MOBO's running x64. Stacked in your server case. With a interface bridge, allowing Windows 8 to Parallel process. Rad you data!!!
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    The Contemplator
    Doncaster, UK
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    I think that it is more likely to come out in just 64-bit flavour, but retaining support for 32-bit programs (a bit like the 64-bit versions of Vista and W7). 128-bit computing will probably come, but it's probably going to be some time in the future with the successor to W8 (or even the successor to that).
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    Provo, Utah
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    Though really, what is the advantage of 128 bits over 64 bits? The best advantage of 64 bit is the ability to us more than 4gb of RAM, and I don't see us needing more than 8gb really in a home computer for quite a long while into the future.
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    North Carolina
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    Windows 7 x64

    I think it is not only the 128-bit addresses, but also the floating point operations that could take advantage of it, besides other inner workings of the CPU. I leave it to other more hardware-proficient than me (I can't tell a AND from a NAND gate anymore...)
    Now, how much memory is actually 2^128? I hope memory is about 2 bucks a Giga by then...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wallyinnc View Post
    how much memory is actually 2^128? I hope memory is about 2 bucks a Giga by then...
    340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 bytes
    309,485,009,821,345,068,724,781,056 TB

    Assuming you'd want to max out your memory at 2 gigs a GB, then you'll have to spend

    or, for the sake of gasping the number, 633.8 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion dollars. =)
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    USA, Idaho
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    arkni, show off. . .
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    Tropical Island Pair a Dice
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolness View Post
    Well i woudnt be so sure. 64-bit OS's have a high level of support for 32-bit programs, so i think they'll just make it 64-bit, to get ppl off the old standard.
    Agree that they will make only 64 bit OS, it should be the new standard.
    Would be nice if they could get rid of the 32 bit support, I've read on several sites that it 'slows down' the OS.
    How long did it take to get rid of the 16 bit support?
    Or have the option for a 64 bit only OS.
    Even though my Program Files x86 folder is pretty large.
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128-bit ONLY?
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