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    It is true, there is a bit of a learning curve for sure, but the OS is actually an improvement over 7 once you get past it. At the end of the day, they definitely should have given users more choice regarding some of these major things that they changed, but they didn't so we either have to settle, or find 3rd party software that will restore old functionality.

    Installing a start menu replacement as said, will help you feel more at home in the OS. I have now uninstalled all of these on my system and been running with just start screen now for a few weeks in an attempt to try to get used to it. I still cannot see what Microsoft was smoking when they designed the start screen, but I am to a point where I pretty much never use it, so it does not bother me as much as it used to. I personally, don't like running 3rd party apps in my OS that tweak the gui if I do not have too, so at least for now, I am trying to get by without start menu replacement. That said, I have used them all, and definitely recommend them if you are looking to get back to Windows the way it always was..

    If you do decide to stick with the Vanilla OS and continue using the start screen, you will find that once you have loaded about 5-10 apps into your system, your start screen will start to look extremely messy. Contrary to what Microsoft has advertised, it is not very customize-able and personable. The customization options are rather pathetic actually, when compared to even other tablet interfaces on the market at this time. If you are something of a power user, who likes to run apps like Adobe Creative suite, or Visual Studio Bundles, etc. etc., your start screen is going to get littered with icons every time you load a new app, that will make finding what you prefer to run very difficult. You will find yourself scrolling and searching through your start screen looking for a particular app. Can be really frustrating.

    So, what I have started doing, is just pressing the start screen button, and immediately typing the first few letters of the app I am looking for. This functionality has been in Windows now for several versions. In Windows 8 though, I find myself using it exclusively...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calhoun View Post
    I'm not whining; I am entitled to my opinion. I read the rules of the forum, and liking Windows 8 is not a prerequisite for being here. On the other hand, if you yourself are able to use and enjoy 8, more power to you, and I wish you success in your future computing. It's quite possible that you simply learn quicker than I do.
    Very well said.
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    Well then, welcome!

    On the mac books, they should have touchpad gestures. Your Windows 8 laptop should have a gesture enabled touchpad as well. Swipe a finger from the right side of it to the middle, opens the Charms. This piece of UI is pretty important as this is what you'll need to use the most in Windows 8, Start and Settings especially. A finger swipe from the left will switch apps. A finger swipe at the top or bottom opens the app command bar, which if you were using the immersive Internet Explorer 10 as you were, you would see all the tabs. On Start or elsewhere, pinch to zoom on the touchpad will enter semantic view. Pretty cool! On some laptops, they have settings that can be changed, for example a finger drag from the top left corner of the touchpad to the middle can let you snap apps.

    That top/bottom swipe will be used pretty often in the new part of Windows 8.

    Also, go to File Explorer (the little file icon on the Taskbar on the Desktop) and go to all the Libraries like Music, Videos, Pictures, Documents, and right click on them. Hit Pin to Start. Do the same with Computer, Downloads and/or Recycle Bin. Then swipe open the Charms, hit Start, pinch to zoom, tap then end of the Start Screen (if the Start Screen is already lengthy, if not, you can just use the mouse pointer and move it left, or scroll left with the scroll gesture) and you'll find the new tiles. Click and drag is what you do to move them, moving them around the tile groups will sometimes show a translucent vertical bar that indicates a new group can be made. Arrange the tiles how you tile.

    There are some nice apps, like Skype, Music Info, ReddHub, MovieGuide, Bing Weather (actually all of the Bing apps) that are probably worth your while. The Mail, People, Messaging, and Calendar apps are iffy, use them if you want, unpin the ones you don't, uninstall them if you don't want them.

    Also, I'd suggest to install Decor8... Just because you know?

    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version

    Your mother is correct in thinking if continue to use Windows 8 longer than an hour, you'll end up liking it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calhoun View Post
    I'm not whining; I am entitled to my opinion. I read the rules of the forum, and liking Windows 8 is not a prerequisite for being here. On the other hand, if you yourself are able to use and enjoy 8, more power to you, and I wish you success in your future computing. It's quite possible that you simply learn quicker than I do.
    Calhoun, You're very welcome here. And expressing one frustration is perfectly OK, cause Win8 can certainly bring them out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Don't you just love these guys. . .

    Now normally when someone new comes to this or the Seven Forums I like to give them a big welcome, albeit when they come here to just whine about how bad win 8 is the will be no big welcome just "Here comes another one" . . .
    I made a bit of a joke yesterday about a British comedy called, "Waiting to Die", that's what it's starting to get like on here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmeigs View Post
    First, on this forum you’ll find those who really like Win8 and those who don’t. Those who don’t are generally not very helpful. Their advice is often to get rid of Win8, but it is a very powerful, stable, fast and secure OS.
    I don't like Windows 8, but I like to think that I am still helpful on these forums. I will not tell you that it's not fast or stable (just look at my signature block). I just find that I don't like it. I don't like the way it looks, I don't like the 2 intertwined desktops and how they coexist with each other. I don't like the lack of flexibility and customization that we had in previous versions of Windows. I don't like the fact that the new "apps" are all full screen and i cannot have more than 2 on a screen at any one time. I don't like touchscreens, I don't want to have to get new peripherals to enable touch gestures. Regardless of how to access the Charms bar, i don't like the fact that I have to pull out this hidden menu from the left side of the screen. But with all that said, I'm not going to tell you to get rid of 8 and use 7 instead. I'm going to leave that choice up to you and what works better for your personally. You may not be bothered whatsoever with these things that I don't like.

    Quote Originally Posted by rmeigs View Post
    To make it even more like Win7, install one of the many Start Button replacement apps like Start8: Start8™ for Windows® 8 - Bringing back the Windows Start menu . I used this for the first month until I knew my way around Win8. I’ve since removed it.
    I agree that the 3rd party tools will make adjustment less of an issue and things like the Start Menu are still very well suited to the classic desktop. However, I generally speaking don't like 3rd party customization tools like this and they often lead to decreased performance, stability or security concerns. So, the fact that I HAVE to use a 3rd party utility to simply get a start menu back really burns me. It should have been an option, plain and simple, direct from Microsoft that I could have re-enabled had I chosen to do so. And regardless of how silly or petty that sounds to some, it's my opinion and I've stuck to it from day 1.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Your mother is correct in thinking if continue to use Windows 8 longer than an hour, you'll end up liking it.
    Typical blanket statement that doesn't apply to all people. I've sure as hell used Windows 8 longer than an hour and I didn't end up liking it. I learned to get around and I dislike it less, but I am far from liking it.

    A much better and more accurate statement would be, "I'd take the advice of your mother and try it out for a while, you might find that with a little bit of time you end up liking it" Liking it is a possibility, not a foregone conclusion.
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    I went back to Windows 7 for the first time in over a month yesterday, I couldn't wait to get back to Windows8. Much cleaner faster and easier.

    If I could sell my 4 copies of Windows 7, I'd sell them for $20 each.

    How on earth I ever put up with that stupid Start Menu is beyond me, not that I used it much, and Explorer 10 is way faster than 9.
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    What I don't get (referring to the forum in general, not just this post) is that even those who dislike the Start Screen seem to think that simply because it's the first screen that appears, you are therefore obligated to USE it as the gateway to every other screen.

    The suggestions made here will work all right. But if you're going to use only (or almost only) Desktop apps, why use the Start Screen as a place to launch them from? It just means you have to keep switching back and forth between the Desktop and Start Screen all day. That's not making Windows 8 anything like Windows 7.

    The way to make Windows 8 more like Windows 7 is to use it just as if the whole Metro environment, including the Start Screen, simply doesn't exist. Put icons on the Desktop or Taskbar for everything you use. The only time you have to see the Start Screen is when you turn the power on. Then you just go to the Desktop and stay there. The Start Screen is your gateway to the Desktop, and the Desktop is your gateway to everything else. You don't have pin or unpin any tiles; just ignore all the tiles. Let them be there if they want to. The Desktop is your world.
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    I`ve been using Start8 for some time now and find that it has helped me tremendously in transitioning from windows 7 to 8.
    I initially used it to (temporarily) disable metro apps , hot corners and the charms bar.
    This left me with what for all intents and purposes is an Operating System identical to Windows 7.
    Now don`t mis-read me here - there are still things about windows 8 that really bug me. Its supposed to be faster and more stable than windows 7 but in my experience of it , its not. I am suffering from numerous freezes and crashes which simply did not happen in windows 7. I`m getting very used to seeing "Not responding" in the title bar whenever I execute anything slightly taxing to it. And thats for most Applications. -I don`t think its my hardware because I`m running a quad-core with 8GB DDR3 RAM on a very new computer.
    That said - it is exactly the same as running win 7 but without the addition of a third party Anti-virus - the built in defender has been improved and seems to be doing a good job.
    Having gotten over my initial reluctance to entertain metro or the new gestures etc I have now turned them back on. and am slowly dipping my toe into the water with them. -The hot corners are growing on me , as is the charms bar.
    I still can`t stand Metro Apps though - its like going back to DOS programs and they are not suited to multi tasking. However ,nasty as the Metro Apps are - you still have the option of using desktop apps that you are already familiar with.
    With any new operating system , time ,use and experience will make you more conversant.So I would urge restraint until you are absolutely sure that Windows 8 is not for you.
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    Sorry to hear you have been inflicted with win 8.

    You could try start is back. StartIsBack - real start menu in Windows 8

    It is $3 bucks for 2 licenses. You can try it for 30 days.

    It tames some of the major annoyances of Metro and related cancers.

    It does not stop the surveillance and tracking.

    The (better for you, it seems ) alternative is to install win 7.

    You might have so called "downgrade" rights. That means if you have PRO installed right now, you can install win7 instead without having to buy another license. That is the theory. Not always easy unless you are a bit of geek, like some of us.

    You can just buy a copy of win 7 and install it to save faffing around.

    It is still selling well - way above win 8 in Amazon best sellers ( no surprise there ).

    No 14 here: Best Sellers: Best Software

    Quote Originally Posted by Calhoun View Post
    I grew up (well, relatively - I'm pretty young) using Windows in various flavors. About five years ago, I saved up enough to get a Macbook. I was very happy with the Macbook and it worked quite well. I don't necessarily privilege Mac over PC. I'm just saying that at the time, the Mac was best for me.

    Now it is five years later. The Mac was pretty tough, so it's still trucking. But slow, and things freeze a lot. I can still run Photoshop and Skype, Firefox and iChat. Still, I needed a new computer. I figured I needed to start the process of saving for another Mac again, and that this one would need to keep running for at least another year.

    I went on a cruise with my family in early January on the Carnival Legend. There was a raffle on the boat, and I entered. My surprise, a few weeks later I was told I had won a new computer. I was overjoyed and couldn't wait for it to be delivered. I had fantasies of Photoshop working faster and running Second Life, Skype calls with group video, things like that.

    Well, it arrived.

    It has Windows 8.

    I am so disappointed I can barely look at the thing. I tried to get some simple programs up and running but accidentally ended up merging my mom's Microsoft account with my own Skype account (luckily, I could unmerge them). To do the simplest of things I have to google them, and Googling is nearly impossible because tabbed browsing doesn't seem to work, being that the website is full-screen. Also, the only thing that seems to resemble a back button does not work. I tried going to Desktop mode, but the only program that could be launched from there was Internet Explorer, and I had to google how to get back to the main screen. Some of the instructions I got from Google were patently wrong, as well.

    My mom paid for everyone to go on the cruise, so, by extension, she is responsible for me getting the laptop. She really, really wants me to like it. She keeps saying "You'll get used to it." I want to believe her (and also not disappoint her by being an ungrateful leech), but I don't know what to do. I mentioned having a friend wipe the whole thing and install Linux, and she begged me not to do it. I'm going to try to broach the topic of wiping it and installing 7 (which I have worked with before), but if she has an equally histrionic reaction to that, what should I do?

    Is there any way to make 8 more like 7? Get rid of this nonsense where you have to google everything before you can do it? Tabbed browsing the old-fashioned way?
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