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Files wont open

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    Files won't open.

    I thought it only right that I should let you know how this whole saga ended!
    I did delete everything in 'Documents', went to my old XP laptop & tried to select & copy all the items in 'My Documents' to a blank flash drive, they wouldn't transfer. So I tried one only, that did transfer, so I patiently copied approx. 68 items to the flash drive one by one. I should have mentioned I first tried to use the Windows Easy Transfer, as I previously did successfully with my email contacts & addresses. For some reason it wouldn't work, there wasn't even an 'Import/Export' in the 'File' menu. Anyway I plugged the flash drive into my new laptop with Windows 8 & transferred them all to the 'Document' folder. Every extension opened successfully except the ancient .wps & the .odt, (which is the OpenOffice format. And don't forget I had already downloaded the latest version of Oo. So I've got to work on that. I still can't explain what the problem was before, but that's computers for you, (& of course the people who operate them!). Thanks again guys. I also managed to disable the onscreen keyboard which was driving me crazy if anybody's interested!! robinpe

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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    The more you play with a computer, the more you learn.
    It gets frustrating sometimes but the more you learn the easier it gets.

    ​Yes, it may help someone to know how you got rid of the keyboard.
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    Glad to hear you got it sorted Robin.
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    Thanks Brink. robin
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    SOLVED End of story Files won't open

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    I'm having the same problem. Placed my documents on a flash drive. Inserted in I my new HP and new windows 8. I'm continuing to research this problem.
    So far the only thing I can figure is those young computer gurus created windows 8 to prevent us old folks from using our computers.
    Just my humble opinion??
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    Ain't no young whippersnapper gonna keep this old ferret from using my computer!

    I'm not fond of Windows 8, but I can do what I need to do. Other than a faster bootup time, I don't really see an advantage to Window 8. I was on one of my Win 7 computers today and didn't even notice the absence of Windows 8!

    An' this ain't no invitation to force me to admit it's better'n Windows 7. To each his own . . . I won't try to make anyone go back to 7 if they like 8 and I expect the same.
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    I agree with you Wyona, like you I'm not fond of win8, but I'm a tenacious old jarhead, not one to give up in adversity.
    I'm learning, probably a little slower process for me than those not in their 70's.
    Fortunately I've got my desktop with win7 right next to this win8. Help to do the research on 7 and apply it to 8.
    May take awhile, thanks for you input. Notice I didn't use tks, I still know how to spell, except for an occasional typographic
    error. One I satisfied with 8 I'll take my 7 computer to my shop, that was my plan to begin with.
    Still working on that windows live email thing, but I'll figure it out one of the days, I hope.
    Semper Fi
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    Hi again Basic:

    I tried the Windows Live (8) email app, but didn't like it.

    So, I went to and got Thunderbird. There's a learning curve, but I can do so much more with it than with Windows Live email. If you want to try it, go here: Mozilla Thunderbird By the way, just like Mozilla's Firefox, it's free. Oh yeah, I also use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer 10.

    Thunderbird recognizes junk mail much better than Windows Live and can be used to get email from just about every source including Suddenlink (my ISP), Hotmail, Live, Gmail, etc. Because of the nature of some of my "work" and research, I need more than one email address. Live and Gmail were both betas and I've kept them active.

    My next birthday will see me pass the mid-point of my 70s. So, I'm no "spring chicken" either. However, I've been beta testing for more than ten years. Clearly not a complete guru (found that out with Win 8!), but I know my way around my self-built computers.
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    Good morning Wynona. Liked the info. I am not at all pleased with WIN8. I may try something like what you've done.
    If I don't like it I can always remove in add/remove. I'm still in the learning curve WIN8, I have to say, for me at least,
    it certainly isn't user friendly.
    Thanks, Smitty
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Files wont open
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