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windows 8 music app makes me want to punch babies

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtyvu View Post
    he must be talking about the streaming music. because his own previously obtained music is already on his PC. in order to physically have the streaming music on his PC, he would have to have a paid subscription which allows him to download an unlimited purchase of songs.
    Yes, I probably misunderstood because he said HIS music wasn't to be found on his computer. Anyway, you're right about the Xbox music App I'm starting to really enjoy it, I have loads of my own music ripped to my NAS and PC but I enjoy the new music it finds on the choice you make.
    As a HTPC interface Windows 8 is awesome, I also have MCE installed which is also great for music.

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    Xbox Music App on it's own with your own music files probably isn't that bad. Xbox Box Music App combined with Xbox Music Pass, other Windows 8 devices (Windows Phone 8, Surface RT, Windows 8 laptop) and a NAS or home server is absolutely garbage. With Zune software, Zune Pass, Windows 7, WP7 and NAS or home server everything worked flawlessly, now nothing works.
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    works for me... works for others as well. maybe if you described your setup, we could help you out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Use Music Info app from the Windows Store, Zune Software, Windows Media Player, or VLC player.

    Xbox Music isn't good enough other than streaming.
    Sorry there Mr. Robot, but I tested just about all the Media /Music players from the Windows Store, and have to say there isn't one good one amongst those offered. I will stay with iTunes and Winamp. . .that just me though. . .
    Hi there
    VLC/Winamp/Foobar / Media Monkey / zillion others

    Why bother with these "Craplets" from the Store or anywhere else.

    This IS NOT a W8 problem -- just bad applications -- and you never have to use these if you don't want to.

    I'm amazed at the WMC comments on W8 too -- I never bothered with Windows Media Center on earlier versions either.

    So many complaints here about Windows 8 aren't really Windows 8 problems at all but just totally 100% bad "Craplets" including 99.99% of the "Pre canned / installed" Tiles.

    Ms should have built on Dynamic "Gadgets" for this type of stuff and then allowed a user to WINDOW it (whether full screen or in a Window).

    In any case I don't think the built in application plays FLAC or plays by FOLDERS so that application would in any case be a no-no for me.

    VLC / Winamp both do this perfectly.

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    Winamp/VLC doesn't give you a library of millions of songs. Sure, if you pirate a ton of music (which many people have).

    There's a ton that can be improved with the Xbox Music app. But at its core, the ability to play whatever song you want, whenever you want is a major draw.
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    Music app?
    Nah... it has issues (undesired behavior and glitches + nobody to help about it), I have issues with it, he, she, it, everybody, has issues with it... use something else.
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windows 8 music app makes me want to punch babies
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