Hello everyone.
I am new to this thread, and this is my first posting. I am also new to Windows 8. I was running windows Vista before this system. Truthfully, I didn't really even want want windows 8, but it came installed on the new lap-top i bought. Anyways!
I have noticed two problems that are annoying the heck out of me so far.
#1: When deleting my emails with the default email program, it chooses to close the email application. This is only when I delete individual emails one at a time. I can select multiple emails and delete them, and then it doesn't seem to close the application.
#2: I enjoy listening to internet radio such as last.fm, and other music on youtube, etc. I am running Google Chrome. When I switch over to the desktop, or press the windows key, the music is stopped. It only seems to play when the Chrome window is open. Is there a way to keep music playing when you minimize the window?
Thanks in advance for any advice.