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Alternate Win 8 Touch Screen

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    Alternate Win 8 Touch Screen

    I have an Intel I7 Desktop with a 30in screen.

    I wish to run Win8, and have the touch screen capability. Is there, say, a glide pad type touch screen that I can buy to input touch gestures? Maybe 8" or even better, use an app on an iPad?

    I need to keep my large screen for a few reasons, one of which is that I am disabled, and my sight is failing, so I am seeking an addon glide pad type solution.


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    do you mean like a trackpad/touchpad?

    like this?
    Click image for larger version
    or this?
    Click image for larger version

    These are the Lenovo Wireless Windows 8 TouchPad K5923 and the Logitech T650, respectively. They'll give you the standard swipe gestures as well as provide additional gestures. However, the experience is not quite the same as a true touchscreen. They are, at the heart, trackpads that recognize multitouch.
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    Here's Logitech's website.

    logitech touchpad - Google Search

    A really nice stand alone touchpad that I saw was US$79. *( Just be sure it's for Windows. They make one for Mac too ).

    T650 Wireless Touchpad for Windows - Logitech

    I bought a combination keyboard touch pad for US$39.

    The bigger keyboard is my Logitech wireless programmable. The smaller is the Logitech K400 wireless with touch pad.

    I had a USB 2 plug and play wireless tiny Logitech Unifying receiver on the bigger keyboard and mouse. When I set up the littler keyboard I plugged in another one. The computer told me that only one was necessary so I'm running both keyboards and the mouse on only one. The wireless range is 10 meters or 33 feet. Works for the TV set up too.

    I have a 3 computer LAN. I can set it up to just carry around the keyboards and mouse from one to the other and go to work !

    I was in Best Buy today a major national chain of electronics stores and checked out some laptops. The laptop touch pads are more responsive and sensitive. I think you are better off getting the best stand alone touch pad available for satisfaction and ease of use. The little K400 keyboard is just a tad small for my taste. But I'm only playing with it. I really don't need it.

    Incidentally Logitech has a nice little touchpad tutorial video on their website showing all of the moves.

    I should mention, too, that I saw a touch mouse in Best Buy. No buttons or wheels. It works just like a flat touch pad, by moving your finger.
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    Many thanks Dirtyvu and Wetibbe. You guys have shown me exactly what I wanted. And the quality of the answers is just great. I am very grateful.

    Now to hunt down the products in Australia...

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Alternate Win 8 Touch Screen
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