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What would you like to see in Windows 8?

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    A Finnish ex-pat in Leipzig, Germany
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    As a couple posters already mentioned, cloud is the thing! More dimensions for heavy business users. Integrated virtual machine would be a great plus with XP, 7 and Ubuntu vhd's already on the installation media, which I'd like to buy as a USB flash drive.

    And, of course cheaper volume licensing also for smaller companies. Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack is a good idea, why not for example "Win8 Business 3" - one install medium, three licences.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tw33k View Post
    the ability to mount iso files is a must. i really thought (well, at least hoped) that they would have introduced it in win 7. Maybe in sp1 or sp2? we can only hope
    They might introduce it in Windows 8. Probably, they want to take it a step at a time; from burning ISO to mounting ISO to maybe creating ISO.
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    New Mexico, USA
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    Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Give RDP back to home users

    I have said it before and I can't say it enouph....Microsoft screwed the Windows Home Server users when they removed RDP from the Home Premium product. Why sell a product to centralize system administration of multiple PC's, game consoles, and media extenders geared to the average home user (or so microsoft says) and then require the Professional version to implement part of the web interface to your server. Microsoft put the Media Center into the Professional version of 7 to try to lure users to buy a more expensive version but doesn't offer a family pack of Professional, so, to handle 3 machines with a Home Server you would need to spend at least $600. Whats wrong with this picture...If Microsoft really wants this market why do they keep shooting themselves in the HEAD? Time to slap some sales people around or fire someone and tell the rest of them to get a clue!

    What a bunch of morons...doesn't anyone in the company talk to anyone else or use the brain they've been given. More copies at lower prices = just as much (or maybe even more) profit as fewer copies at higher prices. This is basic business sense and should not be too much to ask of a multi-national corporation to figure out.

    What Microsoft is actually doing is lowering demand for a good product which really doesn't make much sense from a business standpoint. Competition between divisions inside Microsoft may or may not lead to better products but trying to kill off a product line just seems stupid after spending the money to develop it in the first place.

    Maybe whats needed in a future Power Pack is to add RDP to home premium installations if there is a Windows Home Server in the home network.

    Maybe Microsoft should promote some actual programmers to management instead of the failed idea of hiring people to manage who don't know product/code from their asses.
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    Windows XP (primary os)

    I would like to see less "Fisher-Price" like glow and glitter; my computer is for work, not decoration.

    One specific item I would wish to be included would be to have the ability to COMPLETELY disable multi-user functions for the millions of us who are the sole users of our computers.

    A complete organization of the Windows Explorer file system is SERIOUSLY needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sergiogarcia9 View Post
    What do you want to see in windows 8? I would like to see a new kinda 3D desktop (You know the one where they have 4 desktops and you can switch between them ) and ofcourse a new layout. What would you like to see?
    "Real-time" qualification...

    Where I can program a "Heart/Lung Monitor" with 'guaranteed' response times from the Operating System, to my software...
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    I would like ability to mount vdi files (I mean VirtualBox disk image),winrar integration and solved any problems with sleep mode
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit

    My idea expands on some of the progress that was made to explorer in Windows 7 via aero snap and aero peak.

    First, I would add several new views - dual vertical, dual horizontal, and I would create the option in explorer to have buttons along tool bar depicting these, as well as other favorite views.. Not necessarily all, just the views people use the most. This way, they can shift between views using a single click as necessary. Dual view allows you to see two separate folder trees, side by side in a single window.. now here is where it would get fun..

    In addition to aero snap and aero peak, Windows 8 introduces aero pop, which allows for a sort of bubble like effect.. How many times have you had a single window open, and desired to copy the contents of that folder to another folder, and had to copy the desired object, go dig for the destination folder location, and then right click (in 7 the space alotted for this is pitifully small) and paste..

    With Aero Pop, you can combine 2 open explorer windows together into one dual view window, by hovering your open window over top of another open window, and either pressing a button on the keyboard, mouse, or completing a mouse gesture. Then the 2 windows "pop" into one window, sort of like a bubble does when it meets another bubble..

    The other thing I would add, is the ability to add favorite buttons to the explorer bar, or simply a favorite tool bar. This way, as you add favorite locations to your favorites, it does not fill up the left side folder tree, obscuring the other options, but instead spreads nicely horizontally across the top of the toolbar..

    Lets see.. I would love to see built in drive virtualization in Windows 7, with the ability to create, mount, and burn ISO files to disk.

    I like the idea of built in internet games.. I would expand that idea adding a few more games to the mix, and allow folks to actually type chat while they are playing.. allow for user accnt creation, and win loss record keeping, etc.. Not too much different than a lot of sites like yahoo games currently function, but allow it to be outside the browser, better graphics, and I think the draw would be huge..

    Built in PDF support is long over due.. Not sure if this is possible based on Microsoft and Adobe's dealings, but it seems sensible that one should be able to view pdf's right away after installing windows..

    Copy - paste - move - file transfers!!! One of my biggest frustrations, even with Windows 7, is the vague-ness that surrounds file transfers in the OS.. For instance, lets say I start moving a big file from one location to another, say 100gb. First off, Windows needs to improve on the speed of these transfers. I am familiar with some tools that increase the thread cnt on transfers that seem to perform better, however, they also seem to choke when you send large groups of files. Increased file transfer speed. Second, Windows needs to be more forthcoming about what it is doing during large transfers, state which file it is currently working on etc.. also, a pause, resume button would be very cool. Sometimes, you might be right in the middle of a big transfer, and need to do something that would require stopping the transfer.. pause would be a better option.

    Nuf said for now..This is already getting too lengthy..
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    I would like to see no Administration Rights box that pops up every time you open a program by default I know I can turn it off but if you have only one profile, what is the point of it in the first place; Windows should know you are the Admin.

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    Win 8 Developer

    vm as part of the os.
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    Windows 7 x32 Pro

    I just would like something different. I think some people who are not into all this techie stuff just buy it for the new look.

    I like this whole feel of smoothness (maybe its areo) of Vista (not so much) and 7 (improved). This, I think should carry on.

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What would you like to see in Windows 8?
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