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What would you like to see in Windows 8?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WindowsStar View Post
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    More support for older (read XP) programs and device drivers. No need to have to buy new peripherals each time MS decides a new OS is due.
    Ability to swap hardware and stay activated without calling MS.
    Will take advantage of multi-core CPU's.
    Lower minimum hardware requirements.
    Built-in Star Trek channel.
    #1 Apple does not provide any backward compatibility and that is why in many respects they are more successful. I for one do not want any more backwards compatibility. MS finally stopped supporting DOS and Windows 3.11, now let’s drop Windows NT, Window 2000 and XP so we can move forward to new things, faster, safer, better search, etc. in other words a better operating system.
    #2 MS does the hardware change re-activation to slow people down from stealing the OS or miss-using it. They will not stop that unless you can get everyone to use the OS correctly, Oh wait you must not want to use it correctly or you would not be asking for this.
    #3 Windows 7 does use multi-core CPU's and uses them well, however most of the software does not. So I think this should be directed to the software vendors.
    #4 Lower the standard hardware, are you kidding me, they have already done this because of the disaster with Vista. No, No, No, with hardware so cheap now-a-days it is as low as it needs to be.
    #5 Again, no, we have the internet, no need for Star Trek Channel. I don’t want the OS with too many extras, even though I am a huge Star Trek Fan. (and yes I am sure this was a joke).

    Just my 2 cents - WS
    I think reason 2 is a good thought because I work with laptop drives on a constant basis and I always pop those drive into my desktop puter so I can boot from that laptop drive so Windows can take advantage of the faster hardware. Sometimes activation issues have come up, generally if I haven't put the drive back into the laptop after 30 or so days. That could help, but then again, there is a window of 30 days so....

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    I think having better diagnostic tools already built into Windows, and I mean like, actual diagnostic tools that don't need third party apps to do. Maybe a revamp of the Microsoft Management Console? That is very Xpish to me. Too old for my boat to float.

    Hmm, maybe ditch Disk Management and turn it into Disk Manager so it can have better tools to deal with hard and solid drives; since there's already a Task Manager and Device Manager. And also be able to recover a partition, maybe that might be wishful thinking. :happy: Oh, and an idea for the Management Console, organize the different managers together. Do a UI change for that one.

    These have been my thoughts and feelings for today...
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    Win 8 Pro.1 w/ media center (Both)

    I want the Windows 7 start menu back.
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    How about Nvidia 3D vision enabled desktop! That would look brilliant
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    I would like to get the option to remove the start screen and revert back to old desktop view only.

    The new start screen is nice, but it would be more useful if I had a touchscreen monitor or a tablet to use it with.
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    I think the Start Screen is such an interesting interface to use. I use a desktop and I find it rather pretty, kind of not fully practical, but then again, this is the Developer's Preview build 8100. The latest known build is like 8400 so we'll see.

    It's something that people need to use to get used to. It was the same thing with Office 2007; at first people didn't like it but after using it and learning it, it's hard to imagine using anything else.
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    But what I do really want to see happen are better keyboard shortcuts and better navigating between Metro and Classic interfaces. It literally took me almost half an hour just to figure out how to get to the shut down options.......
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    Oh wait, I just figured out that Win and Tab shuffle through open windows between the two!

    I also want to see on at least in the Classic interface for the Start Screen or just in general, the option to customize the background of it. As much as green is fun to look at, bleh! And customize the complement color of the Metro, so instead of white and green, white and red or black. Maybe part of Personalization with window color? As for Start Screen on desktop since it's a full on switch between interfaces, it'd be nice to have the background be a translucent white color so you can still see the Desktop, but with the Start Screen taking center stage. Or maybe black or red?....
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    HAHA! And one last thing, I coined the term that if the word "Start" was on the bottom left of the screen, it's deep time to upgrade. Please get rid of the word Start.
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    Right Click

    Revamped right click context "it's remained unchanged forever"

    Crude mockup below "and yes I know I forgot refresh".

    Refresh could be in a sub menu of View
    Cut and copy options could be a sub menu of cut
    New would bring up a sub menu of contexts ranging from shortcut,folder,cmd console etc.etc.
    Screen resolution could be a sub menu of personalize
    Click image for larger version
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What would you like to see in Windows 8?
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