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What would you like to see in Windows 8?

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    I would like to see a whole new layout.

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    In their quest to be the most technologically savvy I hope they will make their advancements without taking away the functions that are already present in Windows 7. I am sick to death of having multiple functions that I use and depend on, be stripped away with each new incarnation of Windows, because some MS tekkies don't realize that these functions have value to many users. Too many to specifically mention, but I'm sure you guys can relate to having lost functions you really wanted.
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    I hope to see new style like slide icon when over icon and 3D animation on background on the desktop like on the phone!!!
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    I'd like to see multiple desktops like you find on Linux and Mac OS X, built-in ISO mounting support, radical new UI change (new features perhaps), App Store for Windows (probably gonna happen anyway due to the document that was leaked), more tablet-friendly support; supporting accelerometre, a better on screen keyboard, etc.
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    A whole new user interface. The start menu should be eliminated so should the start button on the keyboard it's one less option for shortcut key. The User-interface needs a huge change. It's been like this since 95...that's like 15 years. Sure the buttons have changed but overall the user interface is still as it was 15 years ago. That's a huge disappointment. I was disappointed with xp even more with vista and with windows 7 it was just a bit better.

    The task bar of windows 7 was headed in a good direction but seriously it still needs major work. The task bar in general disrupts workflow. You cannot change the position of the icons or size they all flow into the task bar aligned closest to the side of the start button which drives me insane and the start button feels so blah next to the programs pinned on the task bar.

    The graphic user interface still looks way too complicated. It needs to be more simple and sleek. The design is not as beautiful as it could be.
    The start menu is a disaster and should be removed. It's a horribly complicated directory for the average user. For me it's fine since I know what to do but even then it's just not so nice to look at it. I don't mind a way to switch user interfaces but the windows 8 one should be completely different.

    Boot times/sleep times should be sped up. It should take up less memory, space on a computer but also work faster than windows 7.

    A version of internet explorer that ACTUALLY is compliant with the web standards would be nice. I think they should make a version of the new internet explorer for windows xp not supporting the operating system is one thing. Not giving them a usable browser that is modern is another.

    It's been 8 years since XP, 2 years since vista. The changes that were made were so minimal that it's actually sad. I mean you'd think with that many years they'd get it right. So seriously time for a new user interface. A real new one not just a edit like the new task bar.

    Their touch screen support is horrible. I can't ever click the close[x] box of a window when I've used those touch screen computers by HP, etc.
    They need to work on that.

    The programs should work more fluidly, right some programs just feel weird being used on windows. Like adobe indesign/illustrator works better and more guided on a mac than on a windows computer.

    A format to use BESIDES fat32 to use between mac and windows it's annoying that they both have different formats making working with them both extremely difficult.

    Having more of the designer fonts like Helvetica, Futura, etc.

    I love windows I really do but if they keep it up with the way they've been releasing they will not be doing any good. It's time to really modernize windows, sure they can keep the old boring look for users to change but the new user interface will need to happen.
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    It would be nice to have
    2 Copy Paste options

    Copy Paste 1
    Copy Paste 2

    would be very useful function for all
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    Seen lots of greata ideas... Hopefully not repeating anything.

    • Ability to completely disable/remove libraries and home groups
    • Resurrection of folder view/size/position settings removed from Windows 7.
    • Ability to do bulk renaming with various options
    • Ability to add non-indexed locations to libraries (such as mapped drives to a remote machine) should we have to endure libraries.
    • Ability to fetch updates from a central location (like a mapped drive to another machine), so they don't have to be downloaded to each machine
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    Ability to fetch updates from a central location (like a mapped drive to another machine), so they don't have to be downloaded to each machine
    That is really WSUS rather than Windows, but I would SO love to be able to install WSUS on Windows 8.
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    It's easy... I would to see a real new OS from the new era, not a Windows 7 Second Edition with a new UI...
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    What would you like to see in Windows 8?

    Interested in providing some input on what you think would make for great additions and must have features in the next version of Windows 8? Well
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What would you like to see in Windows 8?
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