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Documenting my new PC (re)build... From Q6600 to i7-3770k

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    Documenting my new PC (re)build... From Q6600 to i7-3770k

    I'll be documenting my new pc (re)build this weekend. I'm replacing my 5 year old desktop with a new motherboard, CPU, RAM, CPU cooler, etc... I thought that I'd document the process and include pictures along the way to help out those who may be unfamiliar with the process. I'm hoping to motivate people who may be too intimidated to believe that they can upgrade their own system.

    I think the thread should be in this forum, so I'll get ready and start tomorrow by posting benchmarks, hardware selected and the general plan, then to some "before" pics and as soon as the new motherboard arrives (probably tomorrow), I'll start the build process...

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    I just found out that it will be at least a few more days until the new motherboard arrives, so that gives me time to perform all baseline tests, take pics of the "before" and plan my project. My new PC replaces my old main one, my old main one goes to my wife and her PC goes to a friend, so this is a "cascade" of sorts....

    My 1st point is that you have to start with a plan and a goal... My goal is to replace my dated Intel Quad2Core 6600-based PC with an overall good performing PC that will last at least three years in the same role. My PC is used for general office tasks, we browsing, music, video conversion, photo editing, etc... No gaming.

    Later today, I'll list the components being upgraded, so you'll be able to see why I selected the components that I did...
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    You will be installing Win 8?
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    Good question... I'll be installing Windows 7, doing all of my benchmarks and performance testing, then eventually moving to Win8. I have Win8 installed on another PC that I use for testing and the PC I'm rebuilding is my main PC, so I'll put Win8 on it after I'm thoroughly familiar with it...
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    Hardware list:

    1. Intel DZ77GAL-70K motherboard
    2. Intel i7-3770k CPU
    3. G. Skill 16GB DDR3 RAM
    4. Intel liquid cooler for CPU
    5. Intel 120GB SSD (boot)
    6. 2TB Western Digital Caviar Black hard drive (data)
    7. GeForce 650 GTX video card
    8. ThermalTake 750 watt modular power supply
    9. LG DVD/RW drive
    10 Diablotek Abyss mid-tower case
    11. Several 120mm case fans (front, bottom and rear of case)

    My goal is to build a nice, reliable daily PC that is not used for games. I'll be running Win7 until I get more comfortable with Win8. I have Win8 running on another PC that I use for testing, so I don't need to run Win8 on this PC yet. I will move my existing SSD to this new motherboard and it will go from SATA II (current Intel DG43GT motherboard) to SATA III on the new Intel DZ77GAL-70K motherboard.

    I'll post "before and after" pics as well as baseline performance tests, to include temps, power used, etc...
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    Before people ask me what my budget was and what I paid for my upgrade, here are the numbers:

    1. Intel DZ77GAL-70K motherboard $114.50 on eBay

    2. Intel i7-3770k CPU $229 at local MicroCenter
    3. G. Skill 16GB DDR3 RAM $85 on eBay
    4. Intel liquid cooler for CPU $80 on Amazon
    5. Intel 120GB SSD (boot) $ already own
    6. 2TB Western Digital Caviar Black hard drive (data) $ already own
    7. GeForce 650 GTX video card $120 local BestBuy
    8. ThermalTake 750 watt modular power supply $ already own
    9. LG DVD/RW drive $ already own
    10 Diablotek Abyss mid-tower case $ already own
    11. Several 120mm case fans (front, bottom and rear of case) $ already own

    Total spent for upgrade was $628.50 and my budget was $625...
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    ^ Hey, that mobo has onboard video from the CPU. You could have saved yourself $120 on that Nvida 650 GTX by using the onboard video of the i7-3770k. For basic office tasks, that would have been more than sufficient. That's what I am using on my 3770 at work and from my Asus P8Z77-V it drives 2 1920x1080 monitors no problem.
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    Thanks, I know about the onboard video and I will test it against the GTX-650 and if it performs as well as it should for my tasks, I'll give the GTX-650 to our son. I needed the GT-430 for another PC (my test PC) and I want to compare the two video sources to see which is better. The onboard HD 4000 is supposed to be very good for what we do with our PC's and not as much for high-end gamers, which makes sense...
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    Looks like a good build. I will be following your progress with interest.
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    I will be interested in watching. You'd better get a one-match campfire. That's what we went for at camp long ago. In other words, I am counting on you to get it to startup just right first try. I hate to say it, but it looks like I am going to have to interpret all my smileys. To me, this one means teasing.
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Documenting my new PC (re)build... From Q6600 to i7-3770k
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