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Documenting my new PC (re)build... From Q6600 to i7-3770k

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    Only 100 miles north of you, I know too much about MI winters!
    Quote Originally Posted by azasadny View Post
    My friend has not had a new PC in more than 10 years, so he was due! His part-time job just became full-time, so he had the means to get the new PC. He wanted me to build it for him based upon his requirements and he got a great deal, I had some fun and was able to help him out, so it's a "win-win". I'd like to build someone a PC every weekend, especially during the cold MI winters! You know about those, don't you?!

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    From my Amazon review of the Intel DZ77GA-70K motherboard...

    I've had my Intel DZ77GA-70K motherboard installed and running for almost 3 months now. Here are my system specs:

    - Intel i7-3770k CPU (Retail, boxed, used Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound)
    - Intel RTS2011 Liquid Cooling CPU cooler with 120mm fan
    - Intel DZ77GA-70K motherboard running 0064 BIOS (flashed to 0064 on 3/15/2013)
    - Crucial 32GB DDR3 RAM (Ballistix Sport)
    - Intel 120GB Model 330 SSD (SATA III)
    - PNY GTX 650 video card
    - WD 3TB Red hard drive (SATA III)
    - Corsair 650D case with 3 x 200mm fans
    - Corsair 750AX power supply
    - LG DVD RW drive
    - Monsoon Planar speakers and subwoofer
    - Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit OS

    I'm overclocking the CPU, and I'm at 4.5GHZ at 32 degrees C at rest and 75 degrees C at 100% CPU utilization. The board was extremely easy to setup, tweak and leave running. I've updated the BIOS several times and the last time (0064), I had to set my BIOS settings to "default" prior to applying the BIOS update and everything worked once I did that. I have never had a BSOD and the PC runs very well. I use the BIOS to update my settings (overclocking) as I found this is more reliable than the Intel Extreme Performance Utility that runs on Windows 7. All drivers are current and I'm 100% satisfied with this motherboard, it really shines with this CPU! I'm not a gamer (hence the GTX 650 video card), but I tested my son's GTX 660 OC video card in my PC and it was fantastic and the performance in the latest games (BF3, Crysis 3, etc...) was smooth and fast!

    I use my PC for work and I use a lot of virtual machines and Oracle's VirtualBox runs great on this PC and the VM's perform just like an actual PC running that particular OS, which is what I wanted. Documentation is there, you just have to search for it on Intel's website and the accompanying technical information is staggering, if you want to read it! The Corsair 650D is a big, heavy case, but it holds all of the components, keeps them cool and I can't hear any fans at all, so it's doing exactly what I expect it to do. I read up on the issues some others had with this board, but I have not had any issues at all, so this is just another data point... I'm not an employee of Intel and have no financial interest in Intel, I'm just a very satisfied customer! BTW, I'll be installing Win8 soon and I'll update my review after that experience... Thanks!
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    Wow! Overclock at 4,5 GHz and it is only 32 degrees Celsius?!
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    That's 32 degrees C at rest, when the CPU is under 100% load, it's at 80 degrees C.
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    The temps very somewhat, depending on the ambient temps...
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    Win8 is going on the PC this weekend...
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    Quote Originally Posted by azasadny View Post
    Win8 is going on the PC this weekend...
    I'll wait for your review!
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    Win8 is installed on my new i7-3770k-based PC...

    OK, I did it, I installed Win8 64bit Enterprise on my new PC after confirming that all of my image backups were current and I started at 6pm last night. It only took 15 minutes to get it installed and patches applied. I used the onboard video and installed the LucidVirtu software, which I was not able to install previously. Once I had the OS installed, I followed my very strict regiment of installing all drivers and applications provided by the motherboard manufacturer (Intel), CPU manufacturer (again, Intel), video card (PNY GTX650), etc... Then installed my applications (Acronis TIH 13, Office Pro 2013, Nero v12, etc...) and once I had everything installed, I tuned the OS to my liking (SSD optimization, network resources, printers installed, etc...). All went very smoothly, but it still took several hours as I meticulously installed my applications on the 3TB "D" drive and left the SSD with 40GB used out of 120GB total. I'm running the CPU at 4.5GHz (overclocking in the BIOS) and all went well UNTIL at one of my many reboots, I switched the HDMI cable from the onboard video to the GTX650 video card's HDMI port to run benchmarks using that video card to compare to the Intel onboard HD4000 video. Win8 would not come up and I received a message that Win8 needed to "recover", which is bad for me and then I remembered why I went back to Win7 on my old PC. Something happened to Win8 and it "restored", which means that everything I did and installed was "lost" and I had to start over!

    Several hours later, after re-installing all patches, updates, applications... my Win8 was ready to go. Needless to say, I'm very disappointed that I had to do the install twice and it took me until 1:30am to get it all the way I want it. Why did Win8 do what it did when all I did was switch video sources (from onboard to dedicated video)? I had the latest drivers for both video chips installed. This really bothers me because I'm always switching hardware out, testing and comparing things, so I have to wonder if Win8 is too "fragile" for me to use as a daily OS.

    Anyway, this AM I ran a full disk image of my 120GB SSD boot disk and I played a little SimCity and posted this. I'll include some screen shots of my WEI, etc.. in a few minutes. I must say, Win8 really moves along very quickly and smoothly on this PC!

    The 1st WEI is the onboard Intel HD4000 video, 2nd is with the GTX-650 video card. I have the 2 1GB ethernet ports "teamed" together for 2GBps. All drivers installed and everything is fine except that the Intel Desktop Utilities won't run under Win8 and my HP scanner is not supported, but those are very minor issues that I'll fix...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Win8 w onboard video and Virtu enabled (using onboard).PNG   Win8 w GTX650 video no Virtu.PNG   Art's Win8 w GTX650 video final.PNG   LAN speed test with 2GBps.PNG   Win8_Board ID.PNG  

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    Very cool, Art! :thumbup: (Except for the reinstall of course)

    Now onto learning and using 8 in it's "pure" form?.....
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    Tony, It's not so "pure" as I'm running Classic Shell, but at least I'm using Win8! I have 2 months of Win7 on this new hardware so I can compare and contrast the 2 operating systems. So far, the performance is outstanding and I don't wait for anything! Teaming the 2 Ethernet ports was easy and the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility works well in Win8. I'll troubleshoot the Intel Desktop Utility since I use it to monitor my fan speeds and temps, but it's not critically important as there are many other programs out there to do this... Acronis ran a full image of my C drive in less than 10min and Office 2013 runs well quickly and smoothly. I'm still tuning things and reading through tutorials on Win8 right now...
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Documenting my new PC (re)build... From Q6600 to i7-3770k
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