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Documenting my new PC (re)build... From Q6600 to i7-3770k

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    I have to do some troubleshooting this PM as most of the USB ports aren't working, even the ones on the motherboard! I cannot install any of the ASUS utilities as I get all kinds of strange errors. Something is wrong with this motherboard and it's been that way for awhile. I should really replace the board, but the Intel board for that 1366 CPU is $160 and I don't have that as I just built our son a new PC.

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    Sorry to hear of your troubles on this build, Art.

    Is there any way of obtaining a schematic for the board? If so, do you have means of testing the board?
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Good luck with the troubleshooting.

    USB issues... hmmm, it could be a (1) manufacturing issue (I not sure what stress-tests exist for USB's) or something (2) related to frequent usage (the metal ports get loose and the electric contacts weaken) or even drivers (3) to be replaced (this is the easiest, first to do but is not always solving the problem).

    I never used watercooling before but when I see all of your good posts it definitely changes my opinion on the matter: these days watercooling is easy to setup and there's basically no maintenance regarding the liquids.

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    No schematics and no way to test. Even if I could test the board, I couldn't repair it, so I swap out the board, if possible. It's working now, but not the USB ports, so I'll try to get those working tonight and try to reinstall the ASUS utilities, but my "maintenence window" closes tonight as I have to bring the PC back Tuesday evening and they start using it again Wed AM. I can't spend the $160 right now to replace the ASUS board with the Intel board that supports the 1136 socketed i7 980x CPU. The ASUS boards are more than $500!
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    Thanks for the useful advice! If you look at the huge air cooler and the much smaller liquid cooler, you see why I'm replacing it. The sealed units are maintenence free and cool more efficiently as long as there is adequate airflow in the case. With the huge Noctua, all that happened was the interior of the case was covered in dust! The CPU is running 12 degrees F cooler now than it was with the Noctua in place. Now, you can easily get to components, like RAM that you couldn't even see with the Noctua installed. The Antec liquid cooling kit is $70 and it's easy to install, quiet (I cannot hear the fan) and keeps the CPU cool. Every PC I build will get one as long as I can fit it into the budget...
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    Yes, I see you're under the gun and there's no way to stop the clock! Hopefully someone will come along with an easy solution. I see Hopachi posted some ideas. Good luck today, Art. May the force be with you!
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    There is a huge improvement!! What a monster is that old air cooler! Compared by that the new watercooler looks like a mouse .

    Good luck with the USB problem.

    @Hopachi ==> I was never into watercooling to. But the posts from Art changed my mind. Recently I upgraded my system with a Intel RTS2011 LC watercooler. It makes almost no noise, keeps the system cool and improves the airflow significantly. Those units are really a good upgrade!
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    Hey azasandy, if your not going to use that big ass Nactua Air Cooler...send it my need my address....
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Snoober View Post
    @Hopachi ==> I was never into watercooling to. But the posts from Art changed my mind. Recently I upgraded my system with a Intel RTS2011 LC watercooler. It makes almost no noise, keeps the system cool and improves the airflow significantly. Those units are really a good upgrade!
    Thanks. Nice to hear that!

    After seeing Art's good advice and nice screenshots, you get convinced pretty fast.
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    Thanks, guys! The Noctua belongs to the church, so it's not mine to give away or I would give it to my favorite fisherman!!

    The Intel RTS2011LC cooler is almost exactly the same unit as the Antec H2O H60 unit but with glowing Intel logo and blue fan for the radiator. The radiator for the Intel unit is slightly larger than the Antec unit, which makes it tough to fit in a tight 120mm opening, like I had in my craptastic Coolermaster case...

    As you can tell, I'm a big fan of the self-contained liquid cooling units, especially now that they are mainstream and be be installed in less than 30min. No dust to worry about and they are so quiet I can't hear them.
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Documenting my new PC (re)build... From Q6600 to i7-3770k
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