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Weird Problem

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    Weird Problem

    I'm having an issue I've never seen before. It seems to happen maybe a couple times a day (haven't paid that close attention yet).
    I'll be sitting there and notice the hard drive activity light is on steady and won't even blink.
    I can work on the system normally though.
    However when I try to shutdown or restart it locks up at the 'shutting down or restart screen and I have to do a hard reset.

    I've looked at the task manager and nothing seems out of the norm. I've also scanned with malwarebytes and windows defender and both report I'm clean.

    Any ideas?

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    Could it be that a scheduled task is running when the hard drive light is on steady? Something like Windows 8 Updates, Defrag and Optimization, or even a scheduled Anti Virus scan? If so, I could see where it might take forever to stop any one of the above processses when invoking a manual restart or shutdown. Just food for thought...
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    Or the indexing service, had you recently done some saving/transferring of data or installed programs? I've found waiting often allows things to finish. I've also noticed MS tends to use my computer more to its convenience than to mine. Updates often take all bandwidth and stop me from doing anything till finished. Programs tend to halt mid operation and seem to freeze but if I wait, sooner or later things continue.
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    Me too.

    I get the same thing. Screen lockup. Have to switch off my surge protector.

    I get it more and more as the days go by and venture into other software. It's an incompatibility issue. Windows 8 is as unfriendly as a junk yard dog. Practically most Win 8 problems, I would say the vast majority, right now are coming from the Win 8 aspect with 64 bit and sophisticated apps and features including security.

    I used the Win 8 regedit feature to scrub. And also Spybot Search and Destroy, a free download.

    Those so called "free" offers to scan your computer and fix 859 problems they found isn't exactly a scam but it's a duplicitous deception since there is invariably a requirement to either buy the thing after the "free" scan or agree to change your home page and agree to a whole multitude promotions and other "stuff". When I get the problem I look at what I may have down loaded and uninstall it.

    Windows Defender isn't keeping you safe. The worms, viruses, hackers crash through it. You may think you are "clean" but often you are not. It's buried in there.



    The other posters are also correct. There is more than one aspect, cause and effect, but after a while you get to know the differences.
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    Ok, just for the heck of it I ran a smart scan on my drives. I put in a new 3TB drive for data and when I checked the smart details it reported major errors and recommended replacement. I just printed out a return lablel. At any rate, it'll take a few days to really test this out but I now suspect that may be the problem. I will report back when I get rid of this drive.

    Thanks for replies guys!

    p.s. I was waiting for up to about 15 minutes for this stupid thing to restart/shutdown. It really was locked!
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    My HDD activity was due to the system automated task scheduler running. I manually turned mine off and no HDD activity light flashing all the time.

    Disable "automatic maintenance" in Windows 8 - Super User

    How To Disable Windows 8 Automatic Maintenance Or Change Its Time
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    My idle maintenance is already set to 'disabled'. My 'regular' maintenance is set for 3am so I don't think that's it. And I don't think that would prevent a restart/shutdown lockup. I'll marked this as solved when I remove that drive and don't see the problem for a day or 2. I really think that's the problem now that I see the results of the smart scan.

    Quote Originally Posted by bassfisher6522 View Post
    My HDD activity was due to the system automated task scheduler running. I manually turned mine off and no HDD activity light flashing all the time.

    Disable "automatic maintenance" in Windows 8 - Super User

    How To Disable Windows 8 Automatic Maintenance Or Change Its Time
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    If maintenance tasks cannot be performed at their regularly scheduled times, Windows finds another way (eg time) to get them done. For example, almost everyone uses that default 3am Windows Update Check so if one's computer is turned off every night at 3am, how does one ever get any updates installed?
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    Surely you know that updates are stashed in a queue when you are off line and when you turn on and boot up they install.
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    I removed that drive yesterday afternoon and so far no shutdown lockup. Amazon is sending a replacement. I hope that one is better.
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Weird Problem
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