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Cant Resize Partition Even With Free Space Available

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    The problem with mine was it was a Dynamic Disk. None of the free programs would work on that. I got the AOMEI Partition Assistant and that converted it to a Basic disk. The 40MB partition was a FAT 12. I have never heard of that. I converted that to a NTFS. Then I merged the 2 partitions together to make one. It worked for me when nothing else would.

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    suggestion: assign a temporary drive letter to it and then run Disk Defrag. You get to Windows defrag and Checkdisk/Scandisk by:
    1. Computer
    2. Display Properties page for a disk/drive
    3. Tools tab

    Disk defrag may catch and isolate HD sectors. So before you run disk defrag, do a msdos command: Dir C: / Dir D:, whatever applies. see the original size of the drive before defragging

    You can do this in Win8 by:
    1. Charms
    2. Search
    3. type 'command' without the quotes
    4. type

    • dir c:\*.*/s
    • or dir d:\*.*/s

    whatever applies in the black box/command prompt - when this completes, you will see at the bottom how much space all the files are taking, and how much free space exists on the drive. The actual number probably doesn't matter. You just want to see if it changes afterwards.

    Run defrag on said disk.

    Then of course repeat the 'dir' command after to see if the numbers have changed.

    Auslogics Defrag program from is also a good program. It's free and pretty comprehensive.
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    Copy everything off of the partitions in question, delete them all (so that you get a continuous unallocated block) and then repartition that block.
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    This freeware will allow you move the unallocated partition next to the partition you want to merge.

    How to move a partition for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7/8? - EaseUS Partition Master Manual
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    Misinformative, obviously disgruntled uber-user

    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere View Post
    You can't ruin a hard drive by reinstalling the OS. Even SSD's have thousands of write cycles. I've reinstalled and formatted my current SSD at least 50 times so far without any issues, not to mention just normal usage.

    Being stressed is not an excuse to be annoying.
    Your response is unacceptable. You gave every reason you know why it is impossible to ruin a HDD by reinstallation of an OS, but completely swept the fact that his MBR was likely corrupt under the rug. You also ignored the fact that since this guy was multi-booting, he was clearly using multiple file systems. That's a given, especially since we know that he was using NTFS (Microsoft's ridiculous, proprietary file system) and AT LEAST fat32. Maybe even EXT4, depending on his version on Linux Mint.

    Newsflash: No one in this world will learn anything if the ones with the technical knowledge are so... TECHNICAL when it comes to troubleshooting.

    It's unfair that prolific posters are considered experts, and even more so when *I* see that the "PowerUser" blatantly ignores a well-known problem to take the chance to flex their "elite" skills and/or knowledge. Attack of the Sperglords!

    Yes, I am necro-posting. Yes, I will likely be banned for this comment; however, you knew you were simply belittling the poor guy. It may be that you just post blog spam such as this to "level up" in these forums, who knows, save for you? If you had earned the right to give asinine replies to newbies, calling them "annoying" simply because they needed help, then you'd likely be a sysadmin of some kind, and never even bother being such a tool. Leave that trifling to the "annoying" and "frustrated" people who kneel at your throne of 1337n3ss. Make the IT department do it; you've got SERVERS to maintain.

    It's not personal. The problem here is the SlashDot effect, the Reddit effect, etc. Your response was in no way helpful, and even condescending. But, everyone wants their stupid f###ing opinion to be heard once they've trolled long enough.

    Pro Tip/TL;DR: Ditch Windows and go right ahead and switch to Debian. Their forums are a haven for people like you.
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    You joined just to comment on a post that's over a year old?
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Cant Resize Partition Even With Free Space Available
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