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Here's what I think would fix Windows 8:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon Drop View Post
    Of course, it's that simple for me only because I don't use Metro apps. For those who need to use apps in both environments a lot, the switching back and forth is a necessary evil. But that's why I think the idea of two different user interfaces running simultaneously was a bad one. Of all possible arrangements, the one that would suit me best would be to make the whole Metro interface a sort of "Mega-App" that is launched from
    the Desktop and runs in a window. But I'm not holding my breath.
    The switching is indeed evil, especially if you need to switch between Metro apps. For instance, last night I was trying to copy salient details from a PDF of a travel booking (using the Reader app) into different fields within the Calendar app. Something which is fairly simple in desktop windows is much harder when you can't see both at the same time and have to keep switching.

    So my suggested amendment to your favourite arrangement (especially if people start writing apps for Metro) is to allow multiple Metro windows to be open in Desktop at once and visible in separate screens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Fredledingue View Post
    If we used the Start Menu only twice a year in average, there is no reason why we should use the Metro Strat Screen any more often. Metro Start Screen is supposed to give easy access to apps and informations, but that's precisely what the taskbar and the desktop are doing. It's not the active tiles that will change the paradigme. Vista came with gadgets on the desktop... completely abandonned. Why is MS thinking that this time will be different?
    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon
    Of all possible arrangements, the one that would suit me best would be to make the whole Metro interface a sort of "Mega-App" that is launched from the Desktop and runs in a window. But I'm not holding my breath.
    Some poeple here already answered that this is technicaly impossible... until some geeks will find a hack to windowize Metro. That would be too funny. Perhaps by feeding the Metro RunTime a fake screen size and a fake screen position adjustment to fit an empty windows. Two registry entries to modify and here you are! You just need to find which ones... LOL.
    Actually, them geeks did. The developers of the RetroUI software have done it. There's a YouTube video showing off the metro apps in a full immersive three screen setup, windowed apps on the Desktop, and a FULL three screen Start Screen.
    Here you are! As you said: With time Metro will improve...
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    Thanks for the info guys. It looks like some people are at least able to modify Windows 8 to their liking. (And yes, I'm happy for all the people that like Windows 8 as is as well.) I would have hoped for some of these to have been stock options, of course.

    I think I'll still skip this one when and where I can for at least the foreseeable future.

    In other news, I got a remote desktop client app. for my Nexus 7 to use with my Windows 7 Pro. computer. (Pretty fun to play around with. It even shows the Nexus 7's storage memory as a drive within Windows while remote desktopping in.) Kind of ironic: I can see where the "Metro" screen might have come in handy for some things on it, but even then, I probably still wouldn't prefer it in general. Oh well, to each their own.

    I'll mark this thread as solved, because there isn't too much more for me to discuss on the matter. You guys are more than welcome to continue sharing your ideas and mod. information here, if you like. I'll stop back and check on it every now and then to see if there are any additions to the thread, and possible share my thoughts as well.

    Best regards.
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Here's what I think would fix Windows 8:
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