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    You can use Linux, Apple, WIn7, Vista AND XP (my god).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kari View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Me View Post
    The non-multi-tasking is slightly annoying; for instance why can't I listen to an internet radio station in IE10 and go do something else in another app at the same time? Obviously I can do this in Desktop IE10, but not Metro IE10, which is a bit silly. (It also reminds me of "DOS Shell" in later versions of MSDOS- anyone remember that?!)

    Generally this sort of stuff is fine on Windows 8 because you can use desktop apps and still be productive, but doesn't bode well if Microsoft see the Metro style as "the only way" in future.
    If your radio station is using a flash based web radio app, it is true it will not work on IE10 Start App. This issue is however not Microsoft's / Windows' fault, and I believe it will be fixed when Adobe gets Flash Player to work on IE10 Start App as it should.
    I don't think that's the problem - the website I'm thinking of (BBC) plays radio fine while I'm looking at it, in both versions of IE10; but stops as soon as I switch away from the Start App/Metro version.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kari View Post
    However, there's nothing preventing you from listening your web radio on IE10 desktop version and using an Start App at the same time.
    Well indeed - it's fine in Windows 8; just the "Metro-only" vision of the future which worries me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kari View Post
    Windows 8 is quite flexible. Here's a web radio Start App called TuneIn (Store > Entertainment) on the left playing WKBU Radio from New Orleans while I am browsing Facebook using Start App Facebook+ Lite (Store > Social) on the left:
    Sadly I don't have enough pixels in the right direction to snap so I can't do any of that.

    Moreover it's difficult to know which are the "good" apps and which are the "bad" ones - I see you've just started a thread to help with this though.

    But in this case, why should I clutter my PC up with Apps, when there is a perfectly good browser page that works? All I need is for it to multi-task (or a way of changing a setting to allow me to choose). I think my favourite option is to be able to run Metro apps in a Desktop window if I wanted to.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere View Post
    This is deliberate, and is largely due to phone and tablet scenarios where users don't tend to shut down apps, they just open new ones. Apps can suck up a lot of bandwidth, for instance, if they're left running in the background. And apps can be killed when resources get below a certain level.

    Windows does provide a means to do background processing, but an app has to be written to support it. The idea is that if you're going to listen to a radio station, you'll use a radio app that supports background audio playback.
    Ah thanks for the explanation. But shouldn't I be able to choose, especially as I'm using a low bandwidth radio website on mains power?
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    A Finnish ex-pat in Leipzig, Germany
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    If listening BBC on background is what you want, there's a perfect Windows Store App for you called TuneIn. I use it because the enormous number of radio stations it has, also from my small native Finland.

    Here's what I got when I clicked Europe > UK > BBC > National Networks > BBC:

    Click image for larger version

    Direct Windows Store Link to TuneIn app presentation and installation:
    Copy / Paste the above link to IE10 address bar and hit Enter to open app page at Windows Store. Install, tune in to your station, put app aside and do something else. It plays on the background.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffrys View Post


    You can use Linux, Apple, WIn7, Vista AND XP (my god).


    You don't know me, my experience, what I do for a living or what I use computers for. Give me a break. My God...
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    i only say for any OS, you have a choice. So you are not forced to use Win8, unless at work, but then you should accept it since you get paid for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    That's my experience so far. What's yours? Where do you think MS is headed with this OS 8?
    Hi HG: You haven't replied to anyone that specifically replied to the two questions you raised above. I'm interested in what you think about our replies. We don't always agree, of course, but I am interested in what you have to say.
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    Ok Znod. I've been busy. I'll get to this ASAP. On my phone now. Thanks for posting.
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    Win7 Ult on DIY; Win8 Pro on MBP/Parallels; Win7 Ult on MBP/Boot Camp; Win7 Ult/Win8 Pro on HP

    No prob. Just interested.
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    Thanks all for posting. I apologize I'm late with this.

    @ steveb

    Why's that?
    @ jeffrys

    So you can relate. I find it faster and more fluid. Once I learned where everything is I'm flying around in this OS. I'm also spending less time catching up on personal info and opening up apps, programs, folders, and files due to the Start Screen and All Apps.
    @ Mark Phelps

    My motive was simply to share my experience and to find out others as well. Another was perhaps to help someone that's struggling to understand where and why MS is going with this big change of an OS. I think Kari answered the rest to my satisfaction.
    @ Jf1450

    I liked it from the get go. Others stated elsewhere that it grew on them and now enjoy it. That may be what happens to you. I think you'll eventually see that this will fit the business model. The desktop PC is dying. They needed to go this route to survive as a company. I think the tweeks for enterprise will come.
    @ Kari

    @ znod

    I think both MS and Apple are moving in the direction you think
    They are all moving in this direction. I'm surprised this hasn't come sooner with the advent of the Internet. It still remains a fact that one does not need a data connection at all to run 8 except to perhaps find drivers. But, if one has a data connection, has a browser, and/or an email account, one is using the cloud in some form. I'm using the cloud as soon as I push Alt/S to post this.
    @ DavidY

    I now your installation experience was horrid coming from XP. I commend you that you "got 'er done"! I hope you got your music radio worked out as well.
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    Microsoft have never and still do not understand tablet computing. They have tried and failed many times to foist tablet computing on to users. They always envisioned a full featured PC as a tablet. Nobody really wanted that and they never caught on.
    When Apple re-imagined the tablet as a consumer device that allowed a simple way to do email, browsing, social media and video it sold millions. The cheap copies have built on that and sell millions too.
    All the people who never needed the power of a PC stopped buying them and moved to tablets. Microsoft got scared and said we need to turn PCs into tablets, yet again failing to understand that the tablet is a consumer device like the 60s transistor radio, the 70s cassette player, the 80s VCR etc. Instead they have gone down the route of trying to produce a full power PC in a 10 inch tablet, exactly what consumers don't need. In doing so they have abandoned the people who make them their big money the corporations, businesses and professionals who need a real PC with a real OS not a mobile phone interface.
    The Surface will fail, Windows tablets will sell a fraction of iPad and Andriod tablets numbers and Microsoft will end up doing what they always did best and have to realign their business model back to a real PC OS, server and infrastructure and get out of the transistor radio market.

    That's why Windows 8 is heading up a blind alley.
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