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Windows 8 UAC Glitch

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    Windows 8 UAC Glitch

    Doing anything that triggers UAC, will show the box showing "Please enter Admin password" but there is no place to put it. Yes is greyed-out.

    Refresh didn't work, only Reset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrShowdown View Post
    Doing anything that triggers UAC, will show the box showing "Please enter Admin password" but there is no place to put it. Yes is greyed-out.

    Refresh didn't work, only Reset.

    That's weird.
    I never had password prompts since the account is admin based.

    But if it happened I'd definitely do the reset if you say it's the only option.

    Yes was grayed out, OK, but was there a not-grayed out cancel alt least available?
    Otherwise you get stuck there on UAC.
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    Well, no is not greyed out.
    What i think is the cause is a corrupted user account, because on pc settings reset is not available because not signed in as admin.

    Refresh dont work, done reset from winre
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    Sounds as though you need to go into the control panel and open user accounts there. Look it over carefully. There are several settings. It will probably cure your problem if you do what is available.
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    I can't do anything that affects other user.
    I can't even change UAC settings!

    Well then, problem already solved by reset.
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    Bummer. You have a file corruption. Need to clean up your system.

    You can try setting back to a previous date before problems or running Spybot search and destroy.

    *( Did you say problem resolved ? ).
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Windows 8 UAC Glitch
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