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win 8 crashing and slow down

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    win 8 crashing and slow down

    when i right click and go to the new menu to create a folder explorer freezes,..

    it takes ages to cntrl+alt+del to bring up explorer, it then flashes that 80% system resources is on the explorer window that has crashed but then when it solidifies it sais normal 2% or whatever and i have to end task to get windows working again.

    this is basically a clean install, win updates and software installed and really dont want to go through another windows 8 install (my 4th - and yes all clean format reinstalls).. wanting to know if there is anything i could do to resolve this problem

    also get general win8 slowdown.. green bar cruises along when opening folders that dont have much data in. just general slow down and shtness. its a good enough computer to run windows etc.

    if i cant sort it ill be forced to go back to win7 because this is just getting totally out of hand. so many installs. arghhh.

    any assistance appreciated, cheers

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    Have you checked the Device Manager to see if everything is correct in there, is it a laptop or PC.
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    Often you'll get this kind of behaviour because of the incompatible Shell integration into the explorer context menu installed by 3rd party applications. Please download Autoruns for Windows and run as Admin. Click on "Explorer" tab and uncheck everything that are not Microsoft, reboot the PC and try if the problem goes away. If it does, go back to Autoruns and start checking one by one and re-test again until the problem re-appears then you can identify the offending shell extension.
    Hope this helps.
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    ahh.. shell integration.. ok, i removed media info from program files which seems to have resolved the problem..

    i had installed it without the installer which had obviously caused the problem. ive deleted it has resolved the problem.
    ive now installed it from the installer instead and everything is fine. strange., but thats worked...
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win 8 crashing and slow down
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