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Show of hands, who hasn't and isn't buying the $40 upgrade

View Poll Results: Did you buy the $40 upgrade, or do you plan to?

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  • Yes for sure!

    35 64.81%
  • Nope, Windows 8 isn't for me

    19 35.19%
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    Don't worry about me, I had months to buy the upgrade...I simply didn't want it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    WHS, I'm somewhat surprised it would activate like that. Technically, it's not legal.

    I do have MSDN licenses which I can use down the road for my testing purposes.

    Oh shucks, it's after midnight. I guess I officially missed out.
    Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
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    Huh? I don't get it
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    Normally I wouldn't participate in this type of discussion but there are some aspects that I think I would like to clarify. But I do want to also be careful with my comments to avoid being misunderstood or appear somewhat offensive. I will say also that I have quite a sense of humor and I like to kid around some but there were times that that landed me in trouble.

    As I posted previously, and seem to be repeating myself, I purchased one of the first IBM PC desk tops back in 1983. What a bleeping clunker it was. A total headache from the gitgo. I had IBM in the office almost every week as well as the software writers. It takes too much time to describe an IBM 8086 with DOS. So I have progressed through every Microsoft operating system. And let me say that the old 8086 was something like Wilbur Wrights flying machine compared to say a modern jet.

    I'm accustomed to the changes in Operating Systems and software. So for me it's Deja Vu all over again ! However. Windows 8 is truly a marvel which I will be bold enough to say that a large number of people simply do not understand. In fact it appears to me that 80% to 90% of posters do not. Of course that could be due to it's very recent introduction.

    However, it is also apparent to me that Windows 8 may be getting a much undeserved "bad rap" for things it just didn't do. For example reports of the computer shutting down and restarting. That's typical symptoms of both power problems as well as overheating. Further, in most cases posters do not reveal the type computer, age, system capabilities, other software. The BSOD is customarily caused by no less than three possible events within the software. Not including the hardware wearing out and beginning to fail. What I hope is realized it that from the moment a person acquires Win 8, incessantly changes are being made to the computer night and day, on line and offline. Constant upgrade, roving marauders trying to hack in, steal information, mine data.

    Too Win 8 is very advances with the 64 bit CPU. As it is customary, everyone else, suppliers, vendors is/are playing catch up. The most noticeable problem that I have observed is that very frequently it is necessary to update the drivers, software, components. Frequently that cures a problem right away. And the file corruptions and registry problems can be caused by invaders and conflicts.

    And to curtail the dissertation, let me close by saying that many Win 8 users are doing themselves a great disservice by not getting the available help. And I don't mean asking questions on forums *( with all due respect ). If that is the preferred method then be prepared to spend 12 hours a day for months to learn all about Win 8.

    And yes I am very favorably impressed by the responses here as these are really very high grade. And no I'm not patronizing anyone. If I didn't mean it I wouldn't say it.

    Windows 8 simply is not the dumping ground for almost every problem that comes down the pike. Actually only a tiny percentage of problems can honestly be laid at it's door step. But one mans beauty is another mans beast. I understand that too.
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    Windows 8.1 'Ultimate' RTM 64 bit (Pro/WMC).

    I bought it in a store for A$69.95 on New Years Eve, and am quite happy with it. I had already worked around
    most issues in the CP/RTM, so installation was straightforward and hassle-free. It's been running for a month
    now, on my main machine with no problems at all.

    Oh, btw, I scored a neat addition to my OS collection today. An original CD (genuine, not pirated) of Windows
    NT 4, complete with original jewel case and product key. Cost - $0.00 from a local bargain bazaar's 'free' bin. I'll
    try it in a VM on my Win 7 machine, or on the Pentium 3. Never used NT before, so will be a novel experience.

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    Hmmm. If one compares percentages of Cokie's poll (which he started June 28 and the last poster was on November 8 of last year) here....

    with Patrick's poll here thus far, one can see that those that voted the "Maybe" category in Coke's did in fact upgrade. The percentages are indeed almost to the T.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray8 View Post
    Some seem to believe that because others criticise Windows 8, it's because they are unable to use it. That is not the case at all. I for one found Windows 8 easy to install, easy to understand, not necessarily faster than Windows 7, it included some good features, but I still don't like the way that the apps/start menu (whatever you want to call it) has been implemented.

    It's not a case of 'I'm scared of it', 'I don't know how to use it'; it's a case of 'I dislike using it' and find that it is half baked/flawed because it is a mobile phone interface slapped on to a desktop PC environment. The same applies to tablets. Some love it and spiral into euphoria at it's very opening, I don't, nor do many others. The apps/start menu is a novelty interface, not a dedicated PC user's tool, where multiple instances of programs are open at once and need to be accessed easily and quickly.

    I find it incredible that so many cannot, or do not want to, understand these issues raised by so many.
    +1 to that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleJay View Post
    Computers are a hobby for me and I enjoy getting to learn different OSs. Although I skipped upgrading to Vista from XP and probably would have skipped 8 as well, but $40 upgrade price was too good to pass up. I have enjoyed getting to know 8, so it was worth the money to me.
    I cant download apps, it keeps asking me to make as association!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by elbmek View Post
    I cant download apps, it keeps asking me to make as association!!!
    ,so given this thread is a poll ,did you but the cheap upgrade or not
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Show of hands, who hasn't and isn't buying the $40 upgrade
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