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Before buying any Lenovo you should spend some time in forums.lenovo.com to see if the model you like has no major popular problems. Lenovo's don't really come with much crapware other than their own programs. Except for Symantec which many Lenovo's have problems with and it can be removed quickly.
if crapware really bothers you, you could consider buying at the Microsoft Store. every single PC at the store, whether it's Sony or Samsung or HP or Dell or whatever, comes bare and clean. just the operating system. you can also buy through their online site.

the main disadvantage is you won't get the fantastic sales, especially the sales that are meant to clear older inventory for newer one. But it is a cool touch for someone that wants say an HP but HP is notorious for having a desktop cluttered full of trial software and crappy junk like Norton Antivirus. Well, now you can get an HP with only Windows.