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Not enjoying the format of windows 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffrys View Post
    Well, i like Metro, in fact Windows8 should remove (or give a choice to the user to do so) the old (very old) start screen. It's like living in the 20th century.

    But unfortunately whenever i am on the NEW startscreen, opening no mather what i always get redirected to the 20th century start screen (same for all of us).

    So in fact all the fuss about this is created by MS itself.

    Now instead of asking to remove the Metro i am asking to remove the what......the almost 30 year old start screen.

    Sometimes, we have to accept things as they are because we cannot change them.

    In another post Mystere gave a clear & simple explanation for the 2 screens. Msg #2 Here's what I think would fix Windows 8:

    All these ideas people express about how to make Windows 8 better are all based on a single misunderstanding.

    Metro is *NOT* Win32. It's not just a new UI. It's an entirely different operating system that runs side-by-side the old Win32 operating system. You can't just make Win32 and Metro work together in the same application (the desktop). This is the reason that Metro is full screen, because the only way to "share" the two OS's is to have one of them control the monitor. In the case of Windows 8, Metro (it's real name is WinRT for Windows RunTime) owns the monitor it is currently on. If you see a desktop on that monitor, it's actually a metro application that views the desktop, sort of like Remote Desktop. This is why you can "close" the desktop window by using alt-f4, or moving the mouse cursor to the top and dragging it to the bottom. (if you have multiple displays, you will notice that you can't do that with the other monitors)

    Metro apps are physically separate from Win32/Desktop apps. They are different OS's and they cannot really work together very well, other than some really terrible hacks (such as how IE is able to display in Metro mode).

    Keeping this simple concept in mind, you will find you have a greater understanding of why Windows 8 works the way it does.
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    Windows 8.1

    Technically Windows 8 is designed for touchscreens and Metro abstracts the APIs so that Windows 9 can be based on something other than NT.
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    windows 8

    Still a year later and I dont care for this look. Never used the apps. I hate not having the start menu. I have adapted since the start of windows and will have to just keep adapting to this new style. Thanks for everything to all u techs and engineers u guys really do help despite all our
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    No need to adapt:

    Windows 8 can be a bit difficult to use compared to Windows 7. It can be tamed though.

    Start Button:
    If you install Classic Shell (free) or Stardock's Start8 ($4.99) or similar software then you can have the Start button as it was in Windows 7 and boot directly to the Desktop. You can still play with Metro stuff but it's not forced on you.

    Windows 7 Gadgets:
    Windows 7 Gadgets are also available if you want them: 8GadgetPack - Gadgets for Windows 8

    I find UAC extremely annoying. If you do too then to (mostly) disable UAC, Press Windows key + R to open the Run window.
    Type msconfig and press Enter.
    Click on the Tools tab.
    Select Change UAC settings and click Launch.
    Move the slider all the way to the bottom then click OK.
    Some parts of UAC will still be alive, so to completely disable it you need to change a registry key.

    Key: EnableLUA
    Set the value to 0

    You cannot use any Metro Apps or the App Store when UAC is disabled. If you've gone this far, you can also disable all hot corners so you will not get any of the Windows Charms popups. Just check the Classic Shell and Start8 options to do this.
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    hello guys,

    need i say again that i like Win 8.1.....

    if only METRO could take over the outdated startscreen.....

    Yeah... i know, let it come

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    Someplace you don't what to
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    Wow, some love it some hate it, sounds Democratic to me though. I tired Windows 8 Pro, but abandoned it after fighting some of the little things that really seem to steal my privacy. I have a very large collection of MP3 files, and I was not amused when my Media Player would not allow me to rip to a different location other than default. I do not want my music on the sky drive or any other for that matter. I do have many different social accounts but don't like the idea of being live all the time. What ever happened to silence is golden? I did not do a clean install and that was a mistake (, none of my Apps worked except Desktop, create a local user but then lost all other connections, no more syncing. Created another account ( which seemed to work but then the lack of administrative powers, the machine just would not allow me to make adjustments to the most fundamental things although I am Administrator and also in the group thereof. Come on Microsoft and fix the stupid thing before everybody else runs off the Unix and or Linux. I mean come on, give me a break as I am not in a Domain (Workgroup) and get Domain GPO errors.
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Not enjoying the format of windows 8
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