Hi all,

Brand new to these forums! Would appreciate any help!

My tech background is limited.

I upgraded my Dell XPS One 27 from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro--not a clean install, I wanted to keep all my files and programs. Reinstalling all of that would have been a bit annoying and never had any problem upgrading a different system from Vista to 7.

I did a search on these forums for a topic covering this; however, I came up with only one possible related post here: https://www.eightforums.com/general-d...-properly.html
It doesn't seem like there was a solution, and I think the issue I am having is a bit different but am unsure.


When I try searching for a particular file on any external hard drive, no results show up at all, even though I know for sure the file is there. The search function works perfectly fine when I look up stuff on the internal hard drive.

I looked at a few of the other users' suggestions on the aforementioned thread, like making sure everything is actually indexed. I haven't tried "rebuilding the index;" however, I think I remember the original thread starter saying it didn't work.

A bit disappointed so far in Windows 8--it's snazzy but I was not expecting such issues to occur.


When using Firefox or IE, sometimes when I try downloading a file, say a Windows 8 individual update, the popup where I select where the file is to be saved, it freezes for about half a minute or so before I can select the location. I get that "Not Responding" thing at the top of the box then it disappears.

I am guessing that I might have to just resort to a clean install and start over from scratch, which will be quite tedious but if I have to do it, I will. If I end up doing it, is there an easy way for me to return the OS settings to the way I have it now (assuming I actually made any changes, I can't remember LOL)?

I appreciate any assistance/advice that you can give!