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Documents folder messed up

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    Normally I would recommend doing a system restore, but that would affect files in your user folders.

    Do you happen to have a system image or Windows Backup available that could restore them back to how they were instead of having to manually do it?

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    I have tried a couple times to restore to a few different points, I tried recovering with AV disabled and tried in safe mode as well, I continue to get this error when attempting to recover.
    Click image for larger version
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    You'll most likely need to temporarily completely uninstall the AV program to do the system restore at boot.
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    I was thinking the same thing, it's a bit late tonight so I will pursue this in the morning. Should the same error pop up even after AV removal are there other steps I should try? A bit of googling and I came across someone suggesting to unhide system protected files and make all files non read-only, but that seems a bit dangerous to me to make all files non read-only as in my experience some programs require certain files to remain read-only.
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    I wouldn't recommend doing that. I don't think it would be related to your issue.

    If it still has the issue after a system restore, then it looks like you may need to manually copy them all back if you don't have a system image to restore.
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    Batch File or Script

    Scan your PC for malware.

    If it is clean, create a backup image of its current state just in case.

    You could write a script (or get a friend to write one) to move the files back to their proper locations.
    One of the members here should be able to do it.

    I had a similar problem recently when I installed MusicBee (to try it out).
    I couldn't figure out how to create a playlist, so I dropped an existing playlist (from Winamp) onto the window (Big Mistake).
    MusicBee helpfully moved every file in the playlist (~7600) to a new location!

    My friend wrote a php script, which read the playlist file and moved all but 12 files back to their proper locations.
    Instead of spending several days manually moving the files, the problem was solved in about 3 hours.
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    You could try to manually copy the files to the correct location and use an advanced rename freeware to remove the added parts of the file names. Still quite some work though. Or the script as suggested.
    Why the files moved might not be solved I guess, its a windows thing.
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    Have you run CHKDSK? Worth a shot maybe.

    Check the created or modified date and time of a few of the files to see if you can tell when exactly they moved. Then look at the event viewer at that time and see if anything weird happened.

    It just seems so organized, like it's not an error or malfunction, but something a program was told to do.
    I know there's a line you can paste into CMD that will do pretty much the same thing that' happened to you. But you can't undo it.
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    Windows explorer has a lot of new items I have not looked into, might one of the sort/view etc. options be doing this - just wandering.
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    Upon removing BitDefender Total Security 2013 I was able to successfully perform a system restore, however my Documents remained unaffected as it also mentioned would happen during the procedure. I am pretty good with PHP so I have decided to begin writing a script to move the files to their correct folders via that method.
    The files have the correct modified dates, they were - according to windows not moved.
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Documents folder messed up
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