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Classic Start Menu -- Microsoft is so out of touch

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    Windows 8.1 'Ultimate' RTM 64 bit (Pro/WMC).

    Or you could go to the bottom left of the screen, and simply right-click. Hey, Presto, there's Control panel, and a whole lot besides.

    Anyway, I used a variety of different start menu substitutes before settling on Classic Start. I used this thru the DP, CP and RP. When I installed the RTM trial, I started to actually set the Start Screen up, customised it, and began to consciously use it. It got to the stage where I was using Metro more than Classic Shell.

    Now that I'm running the full retail version of 8 Pro, I deliberately left Classic Shell off the machine, and was doing fine without it.

    But, I've since re-installed it, for two reasons. 1/ I like to boot straight to the desktop, and 2/ It gives a degree of consistency between
    this and my other machines (Win 7, Vista, and XP).

    It works just fine for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon Drop View Post
    I agree with you that they shouldn't take away features from Windows. But I don't know why people used the Start Menu so much anyway. I never did. It was such a maze of menus within menus within menus! There's plenty of room on the Desktop to put icons for everything that you regularly use. If you do that, you rarely need the Start Menu.

    I don't have a single icon on my desktop, not even the recycle bin. The desktop is reserved for wallpaper
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenda View Post
    Or you could go to the bottom left of the screen, and simply right-click. Hey, Presto, there's Control panel, and a whole lot besides.
    No Recent Items, though. And the corner activation is a little dodgy. When I'm on the desktop and I move the mouse to the extreme corner, it shows the thumbnail of the Start screen. If I move off the corner by more than about 3mm, even though the mouse is still well within the thumbnail, the thumbnail disappears and no longer active. Back to the corner. It's bad behavior. It's just not as easy to use as a start menu.
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    I didn't even know that was there. In any event, you can pin the recent items to your taskbar or start menu.

    Where did my Recent Items go in Windows 8? « Bennett Adelson Technical Blog

    Quote Originally Posted by mcnulty View Post
    I'm not necessarily against Microsoft replacing the Start menu. I'm definitely against them replacing it with a stupid, flat, touch-based UI just because they desperately need to sell tablets.
    It's touch friendly, not touch based. It works perfectly fine without touch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cytherian View Post
    Not only that but when you click on the control panel, you're presented these generalized groupings that require you to READ them all to see what might be inside them. In the old style, you click on the control panel link and a set of quick-to-recognize icons appears, sorted alphabetically. VERY easy to use, unlike the "new" way.
    You can get the old style. Open Control Panel and at upper right select "View by > Icons." Then you can either
    (1) Right-click its Taskbar button and select "Pin This Program to Taskbar"; or
    (2) Drag the icon from the address bar to the Desktop, and then Pin to Start or copy it to anywhere else.
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    Something about Windows 8, sans start menu, even after all this time.. still just feels un-intuitive. Can I use it? Sure I can. Can I use it as well as I can without start menu? Probably for most things, now that I know how to get around and have taken the time to set up my start menu, task bar and desktop icons with what viable options. Do I still think removing the start menu was a lame decision? You betcha.

    I still say, if you want to add tablet like features to Windows, then don't force them upon the desktop users that make up the bulk of your install base. It should have been added to the OS in addition to the old, not as a replacement to the old. As a desktop user, I do not like the focus shift I get clicking on the start screen. I don't want to see everything I am working on go away when I click on start. I am getting old, and I am liable to forget what I clicked on it for in the first place, sort of like the feeling one gets when they walk into a room only to forget why they went in there. As a desktop user, I don't like flipping back and forth between two different work environments...

    I was at a rock concert some years back, where the band was playing like utter shit, but the crowd was still going crazy and cheering. I had the impression at the time, that if the band was to just come out on the stage, and vomit on the crowd, they would probably cheer like crazy and go home satisfied...

    Windows kind of enjoys the same creative license. Their software is on the vast bulk of business based computers, and most small to large enterprises have a back log of apps and functions that are based in Windows. Most users, including myself are in the same boat. To migrate to something new would entail a great deal of cost, thought, time and energy. Still, mark me on this. Businesses will not be jumping on the Windows 8 bandwagon any time soon. The game is ripe for another contender, and I for one am welcoming anyone who wants to come to the fore with a viable option...

    I like both android and apple, but I don't love either. I like the openness of Android, and believe that this trait alone may make the difference. All I am saying, is that the non desktop tabletesce features of Windows 8 are still lacking all the competition that is out there by a long shot, and the fact that they deliberately forced that interface on all desktop users will backfire in the end.

    Those who like it. Great! I am glad you do. I still have yet to meet anyone in person who shares your opinion, and I talk to a lot of people who use computers..
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    I have to agree with the original poster, that Microsoft has shown they are quite out of touch with this latest windows installment.
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    Hi there
    once Touch screens get more developed and "Mainstream" we might actually see some Windows 7 Users complaining about how slow the classic start menu is when using a touch screen.

    I hated touch screens at first -- but they are quite OK once you get used to them - Use Touch on the laptop.

    I don't use Touch on my nice large external LCD monitor but in combination with the laptop the W8 system does have plenty of advantages -- what would be a HUGE improvement though would be to make the tiles much more customisable and easier to "Group" and when installing a classical Windows application for it not to generate literally 100's of tiles for every .dll / .exe etc in the install setup.

    Most of the complaints will definitely go away in time. Those that can't or won't can always stick with W7 or Linux.

    W7 is actually better in a lot of work environments where unless you are really lucky your boss is unlikely to give you a touch screen laptop AND a nice 60 inch monitor.

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    I love windows 8 it took me 5 min to learn it and find everything i don't miss the start menu as everything is there. It's like child's play to me. But of course i built my first computer when i was 7 and played with dos and and all sorts of programs. when i saw win 8 i loved it right of the bat.
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Classic Start Menu -- Microsoft is so out of touch
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