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Another Poll about the Desktop Start Menu

View Poll Results: Good Start Menu Replacement and Acceptance of Windows 8

54. You may not vote on this poll
  • Having a good start menu replacement greatly enhances my acceptance of Windows 8.

    24 44.44%
  • Having a good start menu replacement enhances my acceptance of Windows 8, but not greatly.

    7 12.96%
  • Neither of the above

    23 42.59%
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by znod View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Interesting poll, znod, but so as to make it clearer I think the last choice should be "I'm fine with the Start Screen" or "8 is fine the way it is". Not that I think you did it intentionally, but I think it is prejudice in that #1 Members that use 3rd party menu will be more attracted to the thread to vote. (this is my 2nd visit here after thinking on it awhile). #2. It's confusing as to the context of your OP.

    I voted the third because I didn't use the Start Menu all that much in Vista or 7. I also think I picked up 8 faster than most, not because I'm any smarter or proficient, but because I use a lot of shortcut keys. I rarely touch the mouse unless I'm zeroing in on something where it would be faster with the mouse. The WinKey has been my friend since Vista using 3D flip. (Or Alt/Tab) I think I navigate 8 faster than I did 7. It wasn't true at first, but with time I think I am, mostly due to the Start Screen.

    e.g. I even copy and paste whole words or sentences with the Shift/arrow keys -> Ctrl/C or V. If I'm copying a paragraph, then I'll use the mouse, for it's faster. I'll use keys to scroll in any direction of web pages, Start Screen, docs, Excel sheets, etc.

    With that, I'll post with Alt/S.
    Thank you for your comments. You are exactly one of the types of individuals that I hoped would/expected to choose the third option. I think that the poll is easy to reply to without thinking. That is, if neither the first choice nor the second choice applies (which should be clear), then your forced choice is the third one--which I think obviously implies that you are not having either of the experiences noted in the first two responses. I explained up front in more detail when the third choice would apply, and anyone can change their vote or choose to vote at any time. The dichotomy first (choice/second choice) versus third choice gets at exactly what I was trying to find out--the percents of those having the two "positive" experiences I elaborate on in post #1 versus the percent of those not having either of those experiences. I suppose that putting the first response first might attract some to the poll, but something has to go first. I guess I could have drawn the order out of a hat. But, I thought it would be better to have a logical flow that makes it easy to figure out how to respond. I am slightly concerned that some may not have responded that could have. I will add something up front to help out on this point. It will apply to everyone that might not have responded for some reason, but could have. Best to you.
    I have to be thoroughly honest here. LOL! At first, while glancing through new posts, your poll/thread title caught my eye. I glanced in, read the poll answers while ignoring your OP, and thought "Oh! Another one of those threads where members change 8 to what it is not! I'll have none of it!" and Alt/Left arrowed back to new posts. It ate at me for awhile that I was being rather prejudice and that I should answer otherwise those "other members" will hijack the poll, so I returned and raced through your OP. I knew what I would vote the first time I peaked in.

    You did make it perfectly clear in your OP explanation. My apology that I didn't thoroughly read it through. Comprehensively anyway.

    I'm rather a purist. I try to use things as they are designed. I use a lot of different hand and power tools in what I do. Each has their own designated use. I find the Start Screen with All Apps versus the Start Menu liken to a power saw versus a hand saw. Each will cut wood, but the power saw is so much easier. I guess some people don't see it that way and I really don't have to figure it out, nor do I have to understand it. To each their own. I continue to be surprised at the poll results, though.
    No problem. Thank you for your interest and your observations. Glad you voted. I think some believe that I have a vested interest in the outcome of the poll. Well, I do! I want it to have done a decent job of gathering quantitive info on a topic that probably is of significance to many of us. I am very satisfied with the job the poll is doing in gathering the desired info.

    I am not extraordinarily surprised at the poll's outcomes through this point. There are strong feelings "both" ways. But, until now, I don't think we had much of a handle on the relative %'s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by znod View Post
    This poll is interesting to me, but it doesn't substantively or clearly get at what I'd most like to know in relation to having a desktop start menu and our proclivities to accept Windows 8 in a post-purchase, Windows 8 in-use environment. In conducting this poll, I am trying to get at the proportion of the Windows 8 Forums users experiencing that having a good desktop start-menu replacement enhances their acceptance of Windows 8. This approach is intended to distinguish primarily between the responses of two disparate groups: (1) those experiencing that having a good desktop start-menu replacement enhances their acceptance of Windows 8 greatly or to a lesser extent and (2) those not having such an experience--not having the experience of a good desktop start-menu replacement enhancing their acceptance of Windows 8 greatly or to a lesser extent. Individuals might not have such an experience because they don't use what they consider to be a good start menu replacement (e.g., no start menu replacement) in Windows 8 or the good replacement they use in Windows 8 does not enhance their acceptance of Windows 8.

    Edit: To be clear, my poll contains a response that is appropriate for each individual using Windows 8 (please read my elaboration above). Also, you can change you vote if you feel the need.
    Nah, you didn't include "a from the factory" start menu, which I would have clicked. Therefore, I clicked Neither.

    As I said in another post: None of the start menu replacements are completely satisfactory. I think if Microsoft had given us a choice to use Windows 8 as a mobile OS (like it is now) or as a desktop OS with a Windows 7 type start menu (they missed the boat on this one), we would have been more inclined to accept it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wynona View Post
    Nah, you didn't include "a from the factory" start menu, which I would have clicked. Therefore, I clicked Neither.
    Yep, I was dealing with what is not what might have been.
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    IMO, most people probably acquired Win 8 out of curiosity. Acceptance vary on technical skills level before having the Win 8 experience. If you are a tech savvy, you will probably accept it for what it is. But if you are just a regular user who relies on "x" button to close a program, etc., it's a different story.
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    It is not difficult to learn.
    Speak for yourself, John! I almost never found out how to shut the dang thing down! And that's just for starters.

    It is not the same.
    It is definitely not the same!

    It is not as good.
    Nope, it ain't, by a far stretch. Too many keystrokes and mousy clicks!

    It is not to benefit the desktop user. It is to benefit MS.
    It could have benefited the desktop user. All MS had to do was to give us a choice on how to use it, i.e. with a Win 7 type start menu or with the current mobile OS start (touchy-feely) screen. I think everyone could have been happy . . .

    It is not hard to understand.
    Ohhhh, yes it are! Although I can navigate in Win 8, there was a huge learning curve and I'm no newbie to operating systems.
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Another Poll about the Desktop Start Menu
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