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Hardly anyone used it
Obviously - that is why no one has even mentioned it for the last several months. It is also why all those start menu replacements aren't being used.
Yes, it's been mentioned with opinions pro and con here and elsewhere. Mostly pro according to polls here and elsewhere. I'm not going to reference. Don't have the time. Everyone knows where they are.

Those that choose to install 3rd party menus shows us that users must see other positive values of 8. There has been and probably will always be OS customizing software. I think MS isn't bothered by this whatsoever. 8 is selling just as past OSs that people didn't care for and tweaked them to their liking.

Bottom line, MS's CEIP program and other survey data shows that most didn't use it after introducing the taskbar. They kept that. Other menus can be drawn off that.

Most importantly they took the opportunity to change to the more needed Start Screen as a launching platform for the new WinRT touch-centric interface. That, they think, will sell.

As the old proverb goes; Timing is everything. Obviously they think was time to move onto something new.