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Now the trouble starts

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    after a few hiccups relating to windows update, I've found windows 8 to be a joy to use.

    boots and shuts down fast, loads my programs fast.. in short, does what its supposed to do.

    I've been using computers since the windows 95 days, old schooler here, was very into dos, games like tank wars, scorched earth.. I miss the old classics.

    so, no complaints here about the os.

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    Good for you, xraiderv1. You're up and running. Cool! :thumbup:
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    Vista and Win7

    The biggest argument that seems to speak for Windows 8 is the added performance. But if you run on a SSD like me, that is very marginal. Outside from that, I see very little new attractive function that would make me migrate.

    I run Windows 8 in a virtual machine where it works very well - just for study purposes. I have no problem doing everything I am doing on Windows 7. The Metro does not bother me - in fact it is amusing and the extra click to get to the desktop is not the world. I found that it is back to keyboard shortcuts - e.g. closing an app with Alt+F4. But that's not what I call progress.
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    Tropical Island Pair a Dice
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64/ Windows 7 Ult x64

    Put your courser in the top center of an app, right click and hold/drag down and release, closed.
    Works for the desktop also.

    I found when I moved W8 from a VM to dual boot, it was more responsive, faster. Just an observation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wetibbe View Post
    I purchased one of the very first IBM desk top 8086 PC's back in 1983, just about the time they introduced them. There was no Microsoft. No available store bought software. What a clunker. Like the old Model T Ford. A software company came along with the IBM salesman. He wrote the programs for our company's. Microsoft came along in the early 1990's.
    I'm being totally respectful when I say you should recheck the history books. Gates and Allen went to IBM before the PC was released because IBM had no operating system. Gates and Allen convinced IBM to license an OS that they (Gates and Allen) didn't even have. After licensing the OS that didn't exist to IBM they went to some poor guy in Seattle (name escapes me but the company was "Seattle Computer Products"), bought *his* OS outright for $50k tweaked it and licensed it to IBM. Microsoft as a juggernaut was born. This was the early 80's, not the early 90's. "License" verses "buy" is key. IBM thought they were getting over by a license rather than a purchase. In those days their thinking was that the software was secondary, "the real money is in the hardware". Little did the arrogant bunch know....

    And before that, they wrote and licensed a version of BASIC to Altair, the granddaddy of 'em all that got this whole industry started. This is where the company named Microsoft was born, in Albuquerque NM. 'Bout 1975-76 as I recall but another story all together.

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    Hi Jeff:

    Thanks. Maybe I as too brief.

    1969; Bill Gates and Paul Allen, calling themselves the "Lakeside Programming Group" signed an agreement with the Computer Center Corporation to report bugs in PDP-10-software in exchange for computer time.

    1976; Bill Gates accuses hobbyists of stealing software and thus preventing ..."good software from being written".

    1976; The name "Microsoft" is registered with the office of the Secretary of State of New Mexico.

    1981; MS-DOS introduced.

    1982; Mitch Kapor develops the spread sheet program Lotus 1-2-3.

    1983; Microsoft unveils Microsoft Windows, an extension of the MS-DOS operating system that provided a graphical operating system.

    1991; Microsoft announces Microsoft Visual Basics for Windows.

    1994; Microsoft announces Microsoft Windows 95.

    1995; Microsoft ships Internet Explorer 2.0.


    Back in 1983 I was the Vice President and General Manager of a construction company. It was set up in 6 separate, stand alone, divisions each with a separate legal and accounting name even if all were the same stockholders.

    I attended the very first IBM introductory meeting in Paramus, New Jersey in 1983 also attended by about 50 other people. When I consented to meet with IBM sales, the rep came to our office accompanied by a person from a private software writing firm. We were keeping company books, time cards, payroll, inventory, accounts receivables, accounts payable, profit and loss. Within the context of suitable software for our application there was nothing at all available. It had to be custom written. There are now Quick Books, Quicken and no doubt others too. The IBM PC was an upgrade from an old NCR National Cash Register machine and an accountant with a pencil and paper.

    The software company was supposed to deliver in two separate packages. The first half gave us fits. The girls had never seen a computer before and it was C: prompt and DOS, with 5 1/2" floppy discs. The accountant was totally befuddled and clueless. When the second half of the package was delivered, over many weeks, they flubbed it. It was full of problems. One of which was the six 6 company's each requiring separate accounts. IBM suggested that we consolidate but the "Old Man" refused. We would have had a fighting chance with one company but six was too much. Finally the girls said they were running out of data entry time and needed a second computer and more help. Those things cost $8,000 in those days and the software was $3,000! That's 1983 dollars! Today you can buy a 4 GB Seagate external hard drive for $159 that will accommodate all of the books in your public library !

    We had no use for any other software, games, music. I used a Texas Instrument calculator for all of my proposals, bids and calculations. My secretary took shorthand and typed letters on a type writer.

    Incidentally I go back to the days of the slide rule. Probably most of the current generation have never seen one and don't know what it is.

    I get something of a chuckle when I read about all of this complaining about Windows 8. If they only knew what it was like in the beginning.
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    Vista and Win7

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave76 View Post
    Put your courser in the top center of an app, right click and hold/drag down and release, closed.
    Works for the desktop also.

    I found when I moved W8 from a VM to dual boot, it was more responsive, faster. Just an observation.
    I do not have that impression - and I mean perception, not measured facts. I run Windows 8 under VMware Player from an external SSD attached via USB3. I don't get the feeling that it is any slower than the Windows 7 host. The only measurable time I have is boot time (event 100 in Event Viewer) and that varies between 30 and 40 seconds. That is indeed a bit slower than the host boot time, but still quite respectable.

    There are so many advantages running Windows 8 in virtual that I easily make the trade-off for a small performance hit.
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    wetibbe, I'm duly impressed!

    I was introduced to 8 when I bought a new Asus laptop in mid November. Man, was I not impressed and about ready to exchange it for a Mac. Over time with a registry change here and a local policy tweak there, I've learned to live with it. I really do still have issues tho' with the Metro or Modern or whatever you want to call it interface apps running full screen. I live in a world where I need my text editor, development environment (Oracle PeopleSoft), browser, email, Oracle sql tool, rdp sessions to remote servers and other "stuff" readily available in multiple Windows. I just don't see "Modern" in mainstream corporate IT ever.

    I still find it hilarious that initially MS blew off the web and had to scramble to catch up. Ah, I remember the slide rule well. Not that I ever had the brainpower to use one. I remember my dad being so proud when he paid $200+ for his first calculator that could add, subtract, multiply and divide. Nothing else. I won't hijack the thread into a "remember when" session. I just wish, back in the *early* days of the web when sitting in the living room of a buddy of mine and we thought "dang, wouldn't it be cool if we could tie a web site to a back end database", we'd have acted on it. Ah well, some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you. :-)

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    I'm very impressed as well. You fellows (and women) may want to post your histories here:

    I think it to be important for the younger to read what it was like.
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