So i noticed a customized icon I have on my quick launch bar (yes i put a quick launch bar on win 8 lol) was displaying as something other than what i had initially set it as (it was displaying as a different customised icon, not back to its default or anything).
So i went to My Pictures>Icons (the folder that contains my custom made icons) to check up on what was going on. Well at first it appeared my icon had disappeared?! But it actually hadn't, the thumbnail was displaying the WRONG image. Upon double clicking the icon/thumbnail it showed the correct icon inside Windows Photo Viewer.
So then i right clicked inside the icon folder and changed view to being either Extra Large Icons, Large Icons, Medium Icons and Small Icons. Well... interestingly selecting small or medium and the thumbnail was displaying the icon image correctly, but Large and Extra Large was incorrect. I double checked this by going to my dektop and unlocking the taskbar and then right clicking on the quick launch and changed the Icon size from Large to Small and indeed the icon was displaying the right image as Small but not as Large.

A quick google and I wasn't finding anything to help in win 8, i tried Disk Cleanup>thumbnails for a Win 7/Vista fix, but this didn't help.

Anyone got any ideas how to fix this? It's slightly annoying and I'm concerned it will start happening to more customised icons.