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How To Get A Start Button In Windows 8

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    While there are plenty of third party software programs to take you back. There are some taskbar shortcuts that work.
    The 'blue orb' in the previous mentioned "Start" Screen Shortcut - Create in Windows 8 works excellent for taking you back to your 'Start screen' (modified to your liking of course)
    "All Apps" Shortcut - Create in Windows 8 works great to find programs that you know are not pinned to your 'Start screen'
    Pinning 'File Explorer' to taskbar helps as well.
    I find it convenient to have those 3 shortcuts pinned to Taskbar & Start screen. You may not.
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    I have an amusing story to tell that is apropos to the topic at hand. My 75 year old friend told me she was buying a new laptop in that she was tired of fighting with her husband over the use of their only machine. FYI, the current machine is running W7.

    She knew I was a little savvy in that I had set up their last machine about a year ago tweaking it, removing unwanted bloatware, updating drivers etc. She is not what I would characterize as a savvy user. To give you a little insight, a while back, I was teaching her how to cut & paste and she was almost proud to tell me that heretofore she had never had occasion to right click. I'm sure you all know this person now.

    Now the dilemma. I had counseled her to try and find a W7 machine to match what she already knew and was comfortable with. Well, it turns out they are getting a little scarce and she was proud to hand me her new W8 machine, eager to take the plunge into something she knew absolutely nothing about other than it was the latest/greatest.

    How long do you think I debated over installing a menu program and bypassing the whole metro experience on boot? About 1/2 second, that's how long. There was no way on earth I was going to turn W8 unleashed on this woman. Could you imagine the initial confusion? Or the first time she tried to shut it down? I just couldn't let that happen.

    This experience has to have happened to a few of you by now and I'm going to bet you handled it in a similar fashion. Thanks for listening.

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How To Get A Start Button In Windows 8
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