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Windows 8 Pricing Goes back to normal

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    Windows 8 Pricing Goes back to normal

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    Gosh - that's a big increase.

    I'm glad I grabbed the licences at the bargain price and did my upgrading over the holiday.
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    Windows UPgrade and Pro Upgrade Prices Out

    Windows 8 upgrade to cost $119 starting February 1st, Pro upgrade will cost $199

    Don't shoot the messenger . . .
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    Watch for that increase on Steam to flatline.
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    Good grief. Glad I purchased Win8 Pro 64-bit and 32-bit upgrades even though not currently using them--and have XP and Vista lying around unused. Otherwise, I would be a big fan of Win8 system builder software(s)/personal use license under the new prices unless their prices are increased (too much). Indeed, who wouldn't buy the system builder software(s) after 1/31--and use the personal use license--unless their prices are increased too much. System builder software can be used by anyone buying it on one owned machine/installation at a time, and it is transferable (64-bit Win8 Pro available, for example, at Newegg for $139.99--ignore what Newegg says about who can use it).
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    That's a US price, in Australia it'll be more like $399, which will include the Australia Tax that US companies apply to all their software.
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    Yes, it's a U.S. price. What will the upgrade prices be in Oz after 1/31?
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    They may as well put the iso files away. At those prices sale will plummet I should think.
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    I bought 2 upgrade licensse for $40/per and 3 upgrade licenses for $15/per. This should hold me....
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    As those are US prices, here in the UK they will be £119 and £199 if past pricing is anything to go by.
    as sales have been slow to say the least I have to agree that sales will flat line or disappear to nothing.

    If they want people to upgrade to win8 they should keep the prices as they are now, glad I upgraded all 5 of my pc's and 3 laptops.

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Windows 8 Pricing Goes back to normal
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