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Must Enter Admin Credentials to Install Programs

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    Must Enter Admin Credentials to Install Programs

    On a new Windows 8 Installation, I created a local non/domain user. This is typical for me. I had no idea the first user is the "magical" user.

    Then I added the domain user and made sure it was an Administrator, both on the Metro settings and on the Desktop. At least, if I go in now and look, it claims to be an Administrator.

    Then I joined the company domain and that seemed to work OK. And then I made the account a Microsoft Account type user.

    Now, whenever I install a program, it wants Admin Credentials. I put in the Domain Admin credentials and that works to install the program. But this happens over and over again, as I am moving from Windows7 to Windows 8.

    I read that any secondary users cannot install programs without being changed into an Administrator. Well, I did that, but it still does the same thing.

    Since I am part ways through my switch to Windows 8, I would rather not start over again, if there is some way to fix this, although I don't want to disable UAC either. It just seems like I should be recognized as an Admin and yet I'm not. Any ideas where I went wrong?

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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    I may have found the problem. Maybe. The user profile situation seems different on Windows 8 from Windows 7. I still have to test further and make sure this solves it.

    Let's say that the computer name is Comp1 and the user's name is Paul. And this PC is joined to domain1.
    Going into Control Panel/User Accounts, I see 2 accounts listed:

    Notice how they both have the computer name as the domain. On windows 7, seems like after I joined the domain, I would end up with a profile of domain1\paul.lastname . Maybe I'm not remembering this correctly.

    So anyway, after going into the PC as the first initial user (Comp1\Paul), then I went into control panel/User Accounts and added domain1\paul.lastname as an administrative user. My files are stored under Comp1\Paul, but now, when I logon as
    domain1\paul.lastname, suddenly I got an install to work without asking for an administrator's credentials.

    So why did this work like that, do you suppose? I'm going to mark it as solved, in any case.
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Must Enter Admin Credentials to Install Programs
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