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Does powering down your computer wear it down?

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    Tampa Bay
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    Does powering down your computer wear it down?

    This is back to the old argument do I shut down or leave it run...form your own opinion

    Personally...I think heat is your enemy...abs

    HowStuffWorks "Does powering down your computer wear it down?"

    For a modern computer, frequent shutdown and startup has a minimal effect on the computer's overall life. The truth is that computers aren't meant to last forever. The average lifespan of a PC is five to seven years, at which point it succumbs to any number of hardware glitches, software viruses, or is rendered obsolete by technological advances. Modern PCs are built to handle 40,000 on-off cycles before failure [source:]. If you shut down your computer at night and start it back up in the morning, you should be good for the next 109 years.

    If anything wears down your computer, it's leaving the machine on. Computers build up heat when they are actively processing data and running software. Heat itself can damage internal components, but it also causes your computer's fan to run longer [source: Greenemeier]. The more the fan runs, the quicker it will wear out its bearings [source: Gwinn].
    CREDITS: by Dave Roos

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    DeLand, FL
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    The equipment is unlikely to fail due to heat-related issues for as long as you're likely to own it. Here's the common-sense way to handle it.

    1) Make regular backups of important data in case it breaks.
    2) Use the machine until it breaks.

    Beyond that, quit micromanaging everything.

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    OP, just use your computers the way it feels good. No need to worry about the issue. I restart every so often to "clear the cobwebs" or otherwise when necessary. MS thinks you need to restart only very infrequently.
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    Tampa Bay
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    micromanaging...nope, I am on old fart retiree

    Nah...just enjoying the discussion thread @ Win 8 Forums

    I get the question often and I do not believe there is a right answer

    You may be correct...I guess the post was boring to some

    I will post less bad
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    Webster NY US
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    I have a server I keep on all the time. The only thing I've replaced in the last several years is the power supply. And I occasionally upgrade other things for performance reasons, not due to failure.

    It's a good question, but in general I don't think you need to worry about it unless you are going one extreme or the other. My daily use machine (laptop) I do turn off once in awhile. But it has a sleep mode so, even if I don't turn it off, it goes to sleep and consumes less power and generates less heat. If you use good sense in keeping things ventilated (e.g. don't keep your laptop on a cushy pillow and block the vent holes when you use it) then having it on for days at a time is of no harm.
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    Tampa Bay
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    MS Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit with WMC

    Quote Originally Posted by mbratch View Post
    I have a server I keep on all the time. The only thing I've replaced in the last several years is the power supply. And I occasionally upgrade other things for performance reasons, not due to failure.
    Thanks ...I believe all posting have made a good point
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    I use my desktop for recording security camera video so is on 24/7. They seem to last as long as others I own. I shut it down only when updates require it for the most part. I used to shut down at night and up in the morning and I see little difference, in fact I lost couple hard drives on those computers as opposed to the 24/7 one.

    I put the monitor to sleep or shut it off so there isn't a glare in the area but that is about it.
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    hi Abs,

    the only advantage of shutting down is .... you save energy, so money in the pocket, although not that much.

    I never have shut down our computers for about some 15 or more years and never will.

    If having regular hard drives, my feeling is that shutting down every day can hurt them in the long run.

    Anyway, i think most of us have at least one SSD for there OS.

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    Arnhem, The Netherlands
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    I don't know how high of low the energyprices in the USA are, but here in The Netherlands they are HIGH! Leaving the computer on 24/7 will eventually account for 20-30% of my total electricity usage.

    So by shutting down the pc during the night and the workhours I have won al least €150 (that's $200) EACH YEAR!

    For me this is more important then the lifespan of my pc.
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    Ouch! Ours runs around 7-8 cents a KWH so not much overall, though every bit counts if a budget is important.
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Does powering down your computer wear it down?
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