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Does powering down your computer wear it down?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abseh1 View Post
    micromanaging...nope, I am on old fart retiree

    Nah...just enjoying the discussion thread @ Win 8 Forums

    I get the question often and I do not believe there is a right answer

    You may be correct...I guess the post was boring to some

    I will post less bad
    From one "old fart" to another ...

    Your post wasn't boring. Don't post less over this ... that's what these forums are for. We're here as a sounding board for stuff you might be thinking about. Post away!


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    Quote Originally Posted by exscentric View Post
    Ouch! Ours runs around 7-8 cents a KWH so not much overall, though every bit counts if a budget is important.
    Wish it were true...... here it's about 0,25 per KWH, that's around $0,32 per KWH. The worst part is, 80% of this is taxes......
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    I am in the northwest where they have tons of hydro power. The federal and state governments have helped finance building wind generators. Now the companies are having money trouble so they are getting money from both governments to help them keep going. Well this year the wind farms were generating more power than was needed so the government made the hydro power companies buy the excess energy from wind that they had no use for.

    My guess is we will be paying more in your cost range soon :-( thanks to the "efficiency" of government.
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    If I'm not using it I turn it off.
    I do this to save wear and tear on the mechanical parts, to save power and to keep out the dust.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Snoober View Post
    Wish it were true...... here it's about €0,25 per KWH, that's around $0,32 per KWH. The worst part is, 80% of this is taxes......
    The US is on a political trajectory to achieve this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by exscentric View Post
    My guess is we will be paying more in your cost range soon :-( thanks to the "efficiency" of government.
    In South Australia, energy prices have sky-rocketed, since the Government power company was sold to the "more efficient Private Sector".
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    Quote Originally Posted by abseh1 View Post
    This is back to the old argument do I shut down or leave it run...form your own opinion

    Personally...I think heat is your enemy...abs

    HowStuffWorks "Does powering down your computer wear it down?"
    CREDITS: by Dave Roos
    Anything that's making heat and not doing anything useful is simply wasting energy, which you're paying for, and creating unnecessary carbon dioxide through the wastage of power generation at the plant. Mightn't seem like much, but it sure adds up over time. I *always* either suspend/sleep (e.g. overnight) or hibernate (over the weekends or holidays) the PC when I'm leaving it for more than a few hours.

    Also, anything that's sucking air is also sucking dust, which gets deposited in the guts of the PC and on the blades of the fan too. This leads to moisture absorption which can lead to premature failure over the longer term. It can also lead to annoying fan wind or bearing noise. If the noise doesn't bother you it's probably not a problem. If you have a laptop, the dust might become an additional problem due to additional heat buildup from the confined spaces having their air flow further restricted. If you're in a non-air-conditioned environment, the dust can be significant. If you're in a hot and/or dusty environment, well you work it out - good luck with that!

    I replaced my HDD with an SSD, so I don't have to worry about wearing out bearings and heads and and stuff (not to mention the 10-fold increase in PC performance as well, from 10 minute cold boots reducing to 30 seconds!). So the fan is now the only moving part in my machine (when I'm not using the now rarely-used DVD/CD drive).

    Also, if you have a laptop you don't have to worry about power brownouts too much because the battery carries you across that, but with a PC, a brownout can kill a disk write and cause you grief to restore your data.

    And if you do have a laptop or battery operated device, if you don't hibernate or sleep the machine when not using ac mains, your battery's gonna go flat. The more often you deep-discharge modern batteries: the less life you're going to get out of it, and they can be expensive to replace.

    But it's up to you. What would I know... I'm just a professional ICT hardware specialist.
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    I leave my PC's on and turn the monitor off when I'm not using it. Lots of tasks get done when you're not using your PC, especially the background tasks that run when the PC is idle.
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    I just read the 1st post and so much of the referenced article was garbage... "Viruses" don't kill PC's and I change my fans out as they get dirty, make noise, etc...
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    Not everyone is a self made geek

    My wife hates email (She is almost 80) and uses Google for research before buying stuff....if it wasn't for Pogo she wouldn't own a puter...she uses Java too

    Computers bore do geeks

    She leaves her computer on...because she can not find the charm button in Win 8 and could care less...where it is , anyway
    (I shut it down for her)

    BTW: I like Win they say in baseball...."it has been very very good to me"

    It was an article for all continuum of end-users....not just self made experts

    Changing fans works for some...but not all know how to open a case

    The average end-user calls a Tower a CPU.....viruses cause some of them many dollars $$$, and some can not afford the cost to repair and recover data or to pay to have a fan installed

    This was probable the wrong place/forum to post was not a was something to discuss in a civil manner ...
    (No need to call a noted computer writer's work garbage... JMHO)

    I have built more computers than the average bear....and I remember when a person knew how to upgrade a few MB's of RAM; he was not an expert he was a genius and had to go to computer school to learn how to do you see that he opened the case and added a few more MB's of RAM (Circa 1980)

    I am use to user friendly forums that do not have a bunch of badges and Latin titles

    I have been helping people for free with computing for 32 years...

    I am still learning

    I get the point....I am moving on

    This is probably the best Website for Win 8 support....but not what I was expecting

    I doubt telling a joke would even be acceptable to a few

    I am a friendly old geezer...but I do not take crap from anyone with a self made title or badge

    I thought this was a discussion forum...I was not asking for help...just having a social visit

    Thanks to most who were not condescending and impressed with themselves

    No need to ban me ...I quit

    Mod no need to email me....I have several other help sites that keep me busy
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Does powering down your computer wear it down?
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