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Classic Shell Does Not Skp Metro Screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon Drop View Post
    There's a way to boot directly to the Desktop without any 3rd-party software. The way to set it up is too much to describe here, but it's at
    How To Boot Straight To The Desktop in Windows 8 - Microsoft Community
    I haven't tried it though.
    Yes, good suggestion. I did that early on for another machine before I found Classic Shell and it worked fine. It is worth a try and thanks for the reminder.

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    [QUOTE=Dragon Drop;177983]There's a way to boot directly to the Desktop without any 3rd-party software. The way to set it up is too much to describe here, but it's at
    How To Boot Straight To The Desktop in Windows 8 - Microsoft Community
    I haven't tried it though.[/QUOTE


    Well, I just tried that this morning and interestingly enough it did not work. The Metro Start Screen popped up for a while and then desktop opened with the File Explorer showing. Go figure!
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    Here is an update on this thread. I just discovered that when I choose Start/Shutdown/Shutdown and then turn on the laptop via the power button, the system bypasses the Metro screen an goes to Classic Shell. If I choose Start/Shutdown/Restart, the system does not skip the Metro screen. This is also true if I chose to shutdown from the Charm.

    I have compared the power options on the laptop with those on the desktop and find all the common options are the same. But the laptop has addition options, mostly having to do with the battery and lid as one might expect. In addition, Asus has its own power plan called 'something gear'. I'm not sure how to handle that but I will see if I can configure it to work the same for restart as it does for shutdown.

    Thanks to everyone who has offered suggestions on this vexing thing and if the above sheds any light on the solution please let me have your thoughts.
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    I just remembered an easier way to make Windows 8 switch to the desktop at startup. Just choose whatever folder you'd like to open first when you log in. Create a shortcut to that folder and put the shortcut in this folder:

    C:\Users\(UserName)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

    There may still be a delay of a few seconds and a Start Screen appearance, but then it will go to the Desktop and open your chosen folder.
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    As it turn out, I had two other problems that I didn't know about when I started this thread. The solution to one of them,
    Unable to Disable Touchpad on Asus Q200e

    appears to have solved this one as well as one other. Don't have a clue why but am thankful Classic Shell now.

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Classic Shell Does Not Skp Metro Screen.
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