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What's the point of PAYING for WMC

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    to watch online streams LEGALLY is not easy especially if you want to watch them new. most content providers don't even allow their material to be streamed unless you subscribe to the TV service.

    tuners are easy and cheap and let you record to your heart's content. especially great for shows that never get streamed online.

    illegal downloads and torrents can cover some shows but only the popular ones. with a tuner, you have it all.

    and while there are free alternatives to WMC, all of them are clunky with TV tuners. I've loved XBMC for a long time now (ever since the Xbox days when the name XBMC made sense) but it wasn't until recently that it had tuner support. most of the free software also have bad programming guides. I've used MythTV, GB-PVR, and MediaPortal. BeyondTV is a good one but you have to pay for it and it's still got flaws (though in some ways, it's better than WMC). Plus, WMC has great remote control support whether you have a MCE remote or a Harmony or whatever.

    and while Netflix and Hulu are great, they still have shortcomings. many series are missing some episodes! plus, shows are taken up and down over time as licenses expire. you think with more streaming places, you'd have more series covered but you don't. I use Netflix, Crackle, and a bunch of others and still big holes in programmiing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    It won't play normal commercial DVD's, and for things like TV you don't need tuners etc any more --broadband these days is fast enough.
    I have barely tested it for that purpose, but WMC indeed plays commercial DVDs, at least on my system (Win8 Pro X64).

    As I don't watch DVDs on my PC (prefer my LCD TV), it's not a matter of deep concern. Whether I'll pay the $10US if I need to activate it again (free key can't be used for new activations after the end of January), I can't say.

    Whether there are issues with it outside of Zone 1, I have no idea. (Hard to believe that MS would be that clumsy.)
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    That is why MS did not include it in Windows 8 and offer it as an option. They were paying a license fee for each copy installed and a lot of people were not using it. But they still give you a choice if you want it.

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    I don't use it; just got it because it was available free. I thought it would play commercially available DVD's, but no??? I guess I've never tried since it first appeared, where?, Vista?

    When checking out Win8, the upgrade assistant told me that I might need an app to play DVD's. Following the links got me to here:

    "Media Center and playing DVDs after you upgrade

    Is Windows Media Center included in my upgrade?

    Will I be able to play DVDs after upgrading?

    If you already have third-party DVD playback software, Upgrade Assistant helps determine if this software is compatible with Windows 8. If your PC is running Windows 7, you'll have the option to keep this software during the upgrade toWindows 8. If your PC is running Windows XP or Windows Vista, you'll need to reinstall it.

    If you don't have a third-party app that plays DVDs, or if you currently rely on Windows Media Player for DVD playback, you'll need to download and install a third-party app or install Windows Media Center to play DVDs. If you use Windows Media Center on Windows 7 and are upgrading to Windows 8, for a limited time you can get the Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free. For more info, see the Add features webpage."

    Looks like I was too gullible. Apparently, I should have asked "which DVD's?" At least I was had for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    It won't play normal commercial DVD's, and for things like TV you don't need tuners etc any more --broadband these days is fast enough.
    Quote Originally Posted by CeejayMode View Post
    For the "TV" part of it, you still need to go to the expense of buying a tuning card or adapter to pick up the whole TV thing. That, again, seems pointless, when you could just watch it all online without a TV tuning card.
    It depends upon what you want to watch. There are many programs available on cable TV networks are not licensed for internet viewing, including various football games, etc. You can get a lot of programs on Hulu and Netflix, but they are a subset based upon the network's licensing. So a TV tuner still has its uses. Of course, I'm assuming everything is done legally. And, of course, there are many alternatives to WMC for playing what comes in on the tuner card.
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    I also got it because of the free offer, hardly ever used it, I won't be bothered to pay for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by znod View Post
    Looks like I was too gullible. Apparently, I should have asked "which DVD's?" At least I was had for free.
    (Insert expletive here.)

    WMC plays commercial DVDs. I can't swear that it's true under all circumstances (e. g., people outside of Zone 1, playing DVDs licensed for their zone), but it works for me. I care very little about that, but I have an almost obsessive preference for facts (of the true sort).

    I wouldn't mind if the moderators removed this thread, to prevent it from being a permanent source of misinformation courtesy of the web search engines. (Probably already too late.)
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    WMC is the only player that effectively shows broadcast TV through my USB tuner. The software provided by the tuner manufacturer is rubbish and I haven't found anything else that will do the job. VLC is supposed to be able to do this, but for the life of me, I can't get it to work.
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    Media Center is disgusting to look at, vista aero mish mosh design with everything shiny...

    I have a TV tuner card I recently installed and can properly watch the OTA HD channels. It doesn't look like I'm watching TV with content that looks like it was filmed with a potato. But I use the manufacturer's software to view the channels, replaces the need for Media Center altogether.

    For DVDs and other video, VLC all the way! There will be a Windows 8/RT/Windows Phone 8 app coming out soon from the VLC team, and some mockups really make it look it will be my music player as well, they understand the metro design! Best of all, ALL the Desktop functions of the program will be in the Windows 8 app.
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    if you want a Windows Store media player app, check out Metro Media Player. while it's not great for music, it does have good functionality for a video player.

    as for WMC, no other PVR has the breadth of features that WMC has.
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What's the point of PAYING for WMC
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