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you have to install win 8 into a partition you create ,about 25-30 Gb should be enough, use a partition wizard disc to create it then do a custom install ,it will ask where to install it ,choose the partition you created.
it should work but if not you can use partition wizard to remove the partition making things back to as they were,its unlikely your pc will break worst thing that could happen is losing your win 7 install so back up your data possibly using an external hd if you have one,try the 7955 build, im using it now and although i had a couple of hairy moments its ok now ,most other people here have had no probs either
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I agree with boobah, but if you want to test some software on Windows 8, I would sugest a bigger partition... I installed build 7955 on a 80 GB partition to test software and games. You can use the disk management console to resize / create partitions. If something goes wrong, simply delete the volume you created and delete Win 8 boot entry with EasyBCD 2.0.

No pain at all
I very much appreciate both your advice. I will really have to study this as I have no idea what you're talking about:smoke:
Thank You, David